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Whitepaper: Adding Panoramas to Google Maps Using Ajax

by University of British ColumbiaJan 01, 2008

One of the hottest new technologies in web-based application development is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax). Ajax allows web applications to look and feel more like desktop applications because data from a server can be retrieved asynchronously, without reloading the web page. Currently, one of the biggest users of Ajax technology is Google. Two Ajax applications that Google provides are Google Suggest, and Google Maps. Google Suggest is an interface to the Google search engine that dynamically suggests terms as the user types, almost instantly.

Whitepaper: Matching Mentoring Pairs

by University of British ColumbiaJan 01, 2008

This paper published by University of British Columbia describes the matching mentoring pairs which is the single most important part of any mentoring program. Regardless of the matching criteria, it is never 100% guaranteed that the match will be successful. There are a number of things, however, that can be done to maximize the likelihood of an acceptable match. Matching people in mentoring relationships is not an exact science. Generally speaking, the participants as either mentors or mentees will not be people a person know. The process explained in this paper will assist in making matches.

Whitepaper: Government Regulation And Changes In The Affordable Housing Stock

by University of British ColumbiaJan 01, 2008

This research paper from University of British Columbia takes a new approach to studying the effects of land use regulation. Instead of focusing on the effects of supply restrictions, both explicit and implicit, on new construction, it is examined how they affect the filtering process. The focus of this paper is on use of the filtering model to explain the effect of restrictions on new construction and rent control on the movement in units in and out of the low-income housing stock.