Semphonic is a full service web analytics consultancy with headquarters in Novato, CA and offices in Boston, New York and Washington, DC. Founded in 1997, the Company has helped both e-commerce and non-commerce organizations achieve measurable improvement in the performance of their web channel by providing a range of services to include web analytics planning, process and strategy, software solution selection and implementation; web data quality assurance, site reporting and analytics training. Clients include American Express, Charles Schwab, Morgan Stanley, Intuit, National Geographic and Readers Digest.

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Whitepaper: HBX Analytics Tips & Tricks

by SEMphonicJan 01, 2008

This paper published by SEMphonic tries to cover techniques that seem to either particularly powerful or especially common in use. In many cases, ""tricks"" that suggest better ways to think about and do web analytics were picked. Tools like tagless campaigns and active segments permit very broad range of creative analytic solutions and author tries to suggest some new ways of thinking that encourages their use in as broad range of problems as possible.

Whitepaper: Functionalism: A New Approach to Web Analytics

by SEMphonicJan 01, 2008

Though there were dramatic improvements in the reporting and measurement capabilities of common web analytic tools, the actual practice of web measurement has not shown similar advances. The results of many analytic efforts are disappointing, and the usefulness of web measurement to an organization is still very dependent on having an outstanding individual practitioner.

Whitepaper: Negotiate for Successful Web Measurement

by SEMphonicJan 01, 2008

This paper from SEMphonic describes Web measurement solutions are complex applications with many individually priced items. To negotiate successful contract, Purchasing and Technology must work closely together. Technology must be fully versed in multiple features available from vendor, not just theoretically, but from practical, implementation perspective as well. To get a contract that will enable an organization to effectively use a web measurement solution requires an integrated, team effort of Purchasing and Technology advised by a web measurement expert

Whitepaper: Evaluating Your (and Your Competitors’) Overall SEM Presence

by SEMphonicJan 01, 2008

Knowing what the competition is up to isn’t just idle curiosity. From a SEM perspective, it can help to identify gaps in one’s own program, bidding opportunities, SEO flaws and techniques, new advertising approaches and even gaps in the competitors programs that can be exploited. From broader perspective, understanding the competition’s SEM program can help company understand strengths, branding-focus, interests, and tactics of competitors.

Whitepaper: HBX and SiteCatalyst: Comparative Analysis

by SEMphonicJan 01, 2008

This paper from SEMphonic looks at some specific aspects of web analytics, and how HBX and SiteCatalyst approach the issue, how they compare and other problems encountered while using them. This paper looks at some specific aspects of web analytics, and how HBX and SiteCatalyst approach the issue, how they compare, and other problems the authors’ have encountered while using them.

Whitepaper: KEI and Keyword Relevancy

by SEMphonicJan 01, 2008

This paper from SEMphonic describes the very first task that faces beginning Search Engine marketer is deciding what search terms are worth considering. How to decide what search terms are worth considering?, the answer is KEI, KEI stands for Keyword Effectiveness Indicator and was invented by Sumantra Roy. This measure is part of WordTracker (also embedded in WebPosition Gold) and is designed to provide a comparative measure of word relevancy.