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Whitepaper: How to Secure Virtualized Environments and Accelerate Cloud Computing

by American Society for QualityOct 01, 2011

As enterprises adopt virtualization and cloud technologies, a new set of identity, access, and user activity reporting problems are introduced that increase the risk of exposure. When asked, 90 percent of enterprises name 'security and control' as the primary inhibitor to the wider adoption of virtualization and cloud computing. This white paper provides a virtualization technology overview, highlights virtualization security risks and explains how to enable infrastructure-as-a-service.

Whitepaper: Assuring Application Service Quality From Start to Finish

by American Society for QualityAug 01, 2011

Emerging service delivery models are changing the nature of the application lifecycle. Cloud computing and managed services promise cost and flexibility benefits, but make the performance of applications dependent on services outside the enterprise. Many organizations are breaking down on the traditional IT silos to look at applications, infrastructure, and management as one organization working together to provide a real-time model of what is happening across the enterprise. Read this eBook from a recent IT executive panel to learn how industry experts are addressing these challenges.

Whitepaper: Infrastructure Performance Management for Virtualized Systems

by American Society for QualityAug 01, 2011

Most enterprises that have deployed virtualization have realized substantial benefits including more agile server consolidation, provisioning, recovery from server failure, or providing disaster recovery.

However, most large enterprises are only 30% virtualized, with virtualization occurring only on the application systems that are under the direct control of IT Operations. IT needs to put tools in place that can measure the performance of the virtual environment and provide verifiable service-level data to the owners of key applications. The management tools selected to support virtualization is essential to the ability of IT to grow the virtual environment without increasing the staff required to manage all of the new physical host servers and their guest VMs.

Learn how CA Technologies is helping IT organizations meet this challenge.

Webcast: Advanced Authentication Methods: Software vs Hardware

by American Society for QualityJul 01, 2011

Hardware tokens were a popular method of strong authentication in past years but the cumbersome provisioning and distribution tasks, high support requirements and replacement costs have limited their growth. The additional log-in steps that hardware tokens require and the resulting user frustrations have limited adoption and make them impractical for larger scale partner and customer applications. Now there is now a unique software credential that can provide the security that you need in a transparent manner that makes employees, partners and customers more secure. This credential is flexible enough to be used on PCs, laptops, iPads, and mobile phones.

In this webcast, you'll learn the advantages of a software-based authentication solution and how it can help your organization extend strong authentication to all of your employees, partners and customers in a secure, convenient, cost effective manner.

Whitepaper: Protecting Your Information - Top 10 Deployment Success Factors

by American Society for QualityJul 01, 2011

You can reduce risk by learning where valuable information is located throughout the organization, how and where it is being moved, and the level of risk it represents. Data loss is a symptom of ineffective information protection and control. There are now opportunities for your organization to not only prevent data loss but take control of your most critical information.

Webcast: Cloud I.Am: Content-Aware IAM for the Cloud

by American Society for QualityJul 01, 2011

As you adopt cloud services, time & work of your people, sensitive IP and valuable data are moving away from your control. Perimeter control isn't enough anymore to secure access and data. You need a content-aware identity and access management solution.

In this webcast Ehud Amiri will detail how a content-aware strategy works in the Cloud environment.

Whitepaper: Defending Against Insider Threats to Reduce your IT Risk

by American Society for QualityJul 01, 2011

Organizations must confront the reality that insider attacks are a significant threat and increasing in complexity. Given that so much of an organization's assets and information are online and accessible, organizations must take a proactive approach to defending against the insider attack.

This proactive attack should involve a range of solutions that address identity and access management and information protection. Nothing can completely prevent all insider attacks, but those who adopt an aggressive proactive approach can help reduce risk, improve compliance, and enable the IT organization to better support business initiatives.

Whitepaper: Transforming IT Culture to Assure Business Service Quality and Improve IT Operational Efficiency

by American Society for QualityJun 01, 2011

In an attempt to keep its head above water, IT has traditionally worked in a break-fix mode within operational silos, instead of looking holistically at all the IT components (applications, transactions, databases, networks and physical and virtual systems) that deliver a complete business service. Evolving to the next level of IT effectiveness requires a new level of integration and analysis of cross-silo management information.

This involves linking application status and root-cause information with infrastructure status and relating that to impact on IT service quality. Read this brief to learn how this approach to IT management can benefit your organization.

Whitepaper: Ensuring Reliable Service Delivery through Integrated Applications

by American Society for QualityJun 01, 2011

For years, enterprises, government agencies and service providers have sought ways to effectively identify, locate and resolve the problems affecting critical business applications. One way to work toward this goal-and promote a tighter alignment between IT and the business it supports-is to closely link the activities of application performance and infrastructure management teams. To do so, application performance management teams must recommend that their colleagues in infrastructure management adopt tools that integrate with the solutions they leverage each day.

Integrating infrastructure management tools with existing application performance management solutions in this way will allow IT to promote holistic management that spans silos, enables proactive problem identification and resolution and ensures the uptime of important business services.

Video: CA Interactive IT Executive Series: Application Lifecycle Management Part 1

by American Society for QualityJun 01, 2011

Emerging service delivery models are changing the nature of the application lifecycle. Cloud computing and managed services promise substantial cost and flexibility benefits, but make the performance of applications dependent on services outside the enterprise. Highly virtualized, dynamic infrastructures make it difficult to predict or assess exactly what makes up the production environments. As a result, offline testing models are becoming obsolete and meaningful metrics can only come from real-world, production environments. Organizations once solely dependent on synthetic tests are challenged to respond to this change.

In this segment, learn how to plan and deploy applications and services on time and on budget.

Panelists at this event included: Chris Hindy - Senior Manager, Service Assurance Delivery at Research In Motion, Jim French - Distinguished Engineer, Data Center Networking at Cisco, Charlton Gronlund - Vice President, Sales Quality, Risk and Management at SAP, and Chris Cook - General Manager, Assurance CSU at CA Technologies.