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Whitepaper: eBay Hacks: Frame Your Listings

by O'Reilly MediaJan 01, 2008

A little extra decoration will give customers that warm, fuzzy feeling they need to open their wallets and bid a little higher, or so the theory goes. At the very least, frames may help one?s auctions look more polished and inviting. For a fee, eBay?s Listing Designer upgrade does this for everyone. But using the pre-designed templates everyone else uses is not exactly the best way to make one?s listings look unique. Instead, one needs to take a few minutes to design one?s own and save the fees for buying more stuff on eBay.

Whitepaper: Essential Silverlight: XAML Basics

by O'Reilly MediaJan 01, 2008

XAML is an XML dialect, so the paper uses a lot of angle brackets throughout. In this paper, one will have a look at the most important XAML elements. It is virtually impossible to cover them all in a book of this size, but one will present as many as possible to let one dive into XAML with maximum speed. If one has already worked with XAML for WPF applications, one already knows most of what is covered in this paper.

Whitepaper: eBay Hacks: Protect Your Copyright

by O'Reilly MediaJan 01, 2008

Many sellers resort to hijacking other sellers’ photos for use in their own auctions. The problem is that photo theft can be extremely damaging, and not so much because of mere copyright law. A big part of any item’s desirability is its perceived uniqueness. The more uncommon an item appears to bidders, the more valuable it becomes. When bidders see the exact same photo in two different auctions, not only are the implied scarcity and value of the item severely weakened, but the integrity of both sellers becomes suspect.

Whitepaper: eBay Hacks: Withhold Feedback

by O'Reilly MediaJan 01, 2008

This paper published by O’reilly explains the biggest flaw of eBay’s feedback system is the risk of retaliation. The risk of retaliation also reminds people that they are responsible for their own words. If there were no consequences, people would leave negative feedback with abandon, and one would have even more problems on hands. One leaves negative or neutral feedback for someone and they will - without considering the circumstances or who’s at fault - do the same. That is the fear, and that is the reason why many people simply let problems slide.

Whitepaper: eBay Hacks: Tips & Tools for Bidding, Buying and Selling - Automate Auction Revisions

by O'Reilly MediaJan 01, 2008

Once an auction has started, one can normally change most aspects of the listing. But it’s also possible to submit a revision using the API. A developer can start with a simple script,, that will let allow changing any aspect of an active listing. To use the script from the command line, include only the item number and the fields which one wants to change.

Whitepaper: eBay: The Missing Manual - Finding - And Getting - Bargains

by O'Reilly MediaJan 01, 2008

Smart searching involves more than typing a couple of words into a text box and clicking the Search button. Sure, a simple search gives a list of results - but that’s what every other shopper on eBay is getting, too. To find the bargains others miss is a challenge. This paper illustrates the basics of searching. The paper explains how to find the hidden bargains that other shoppers miss; how to comparison-shop for the best deal; how to avoid impulse buying (and the buyer’s remorse that goes with it); and how to snipe (win an auction at the last minute).

Whitepaper: Essential Mac OS X Panther Server Administration: Server Management Tools

by O'Reilly MediaJan 01, 2008

Management tools can make or break an integrated server product, especially one from Apple. From user creation to the management of share points and services, the maintenance of a server can be quite onerous. Add to that the complexity and breadth of a product like Mac OS X Server - plus its wide feature set and audience, and the diversity of its deployment scenarios - and the outlook only become more daunting. To help surmount this challenge, Apple provides a variety of graphical and command-line tools designed to simplify the deployment and management of Mac OS X Server.

Whitepaper: Eclipse: Web Development

by O'Reilly MediaJan 01, 2008

This paper published by O’Reilly Media explains about Web Development. The author explains that Java has arrived on the Web with a vengeance in the form of JavaServer Pages (JSP) and servlets, and it takes a look at how to create this using Eclipse in this paper. To do that, the author uses the Tomcat web server, which is the Sun Microsystems reference implementation for both JSP and servlets - and it?s free for the downloading.