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Podcast: What are the challenges facing the sourcing and procurement organizations today?

by BearingPointApr 28, 2008

Join BearingPoint senior manager Bill Stotzer in exploring the challenges facing the sourcing and procurement organizations today. Many financial institutions have identified procurement cost savings and made an attempt at cost reduction. Some have achieved greater success than others. We see two primary factors contributing to the low success rate in cost reduction. First, due to favorable market conditions in the Financial Services sector over the past five years, minimal attention was paid to

Whitepaper: Seven Steps to More Effective Performance and Risk Management

by BearingPointApr 21, 2008

The recent market turmoil showed concerns many financial executives had that traditional investments in risk and financial methods and systems are inadequate to support their bid to effectively steer their organizations through turbulent markets. As a result, as the crisis subsides and managers begin to reposition in the market, organizations are faced with a challenge in making the best use of very constrained balance sheets. BearingPoint has created a seven-step methodology to help

Whitepaper: Five Questions Your Performance and Risk Management Reporting Framework Should Answer

by BearingPointMar 28, 2008

For firms trading mortgage product, the recent credit crisis highlighted significant gaps in the information that trading and risk management executives receive. When rates rallied, spreads widened and funding dried up, managers on most trading floors relied less on the traditional information that was readily available to them to manage through the crisis. Instead, as the crisis deepened, informal, manual, spreadsheet-driven reporting exercises were launched on a daily basis to give managers

Podcast: Seven Steps to Better Financial Services Risk Management

by BearingPointMar 20, 2008

Join BearingPoint Managing Director Brian Hart to explore the seven steps to more effective performance and risk management. As a result of the recent credit crisis, organizations are faced with a challenge of making the best use of a very constrained balance sheet. BearingPoint has created a seven-step methodology to help organizations address these issues, and position their companies to deliver superior results.

Through the seven steps that have been outlined, you will identify ways

Whitepaper: Managing costs through enterprise performance improvement

by BearingPointMar 20, 2008

The combination of a depressed housing market, an increase in criteria for loan qualifications, fewer financing options, a decrease in interest rates, mortgage portfolio write-downs and write-offs, and the overall effect of the subprime crisis is forcing banks to re-evaluate how they do business from the top down and bottom up. The industry remains highly regulated and must devote numerous resources to anti-money laundering (AML), the Bank Security Act (BSA) and capitalization requirements

Podcast: How Global Service Delivery Affects Overall Performance

by BearingPointMar 01, 2008

Join BearingPoint managing director Gil Mermelstein to explore Global Services Delivery and how it can reduce costs while still providing several opportunities for growth. While many companies, especially in the capital markets industry, have done a lot around realigning their global footprint, there are many organizations that are just beginning. Countries such as India and others in Central Europe have seen the most action, as more and more companies look towards outsourcing.


Podcast: How IT Effectiveness Creates Savings and Increased Performance

by BearingPointMar 01, 2008

Join BearingPoint managing director Frank Mackris to explore how IT effectiveness can reduce costs while improving performance. With all the pressure on the CIO of an organization to deal with the ever-changing marketplace, now more than ever, they are turning to technology resources for assistance.

The main obstacle for an organization is delivering technology in a cost-effective manner. Most often, leaders are not aware of their total spend across the organization. The idea behind IT

Whitepaper: Strategy For Increasing Exports Of BPO

by BearingPointJan 01, 2008

This paper and the strategy are based on the objective realities of the local environment. It not only points out the strengths but also the weaknesses and, as such, it is advisable not to release the entire report to the public. It is also emphasized that the any strategy would not be able to produce instant results as persistent and consistent efforts are needed over a time frame of 1-2 years in both the education and industry sectors to achieve sustainable growth in the ITPS (IT Professional

Whitepaper: Server Operating System Licensing & Support Cost Comparison: Windows Server 2003, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 and Novell/SUSE Linux 8

by BearingPointJan 01, 2008

While information technology decisions are based on many factors, the costs associated with software licensing and ongoing vendor support are often of prime concern. Given the importance of short-term direct costs as part of the purchase decision, some organizations are including commercialized Linux distributions in their consideration set based on Linux’s reputation as a ""Free"" open source alternative. This paper from BearingPoint explains for organizations that are looking to make