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Whitepaper: Be Able to Say, ""Been There! Done That!"" - Cultivate Your Career Skills Through Deliberate Volunteering

by Society for Technical CommunicationJan 01, 2008

To attain the career goals, one cannot simply go to work and perform the assigned projects, allowing his/her manager direct the professional path. Everyone must treat the working life much like they treat a documentation project and be deliberate. They should take charge of the progress by volunteering to complete projects that challenge and advance the capabilities. They must plan and prepare for challenging opportunities that provide with new work experiences; identify and execute tasks that advance their skills, knowledge, and abilities; and evaluate the career development, results.

Whitepaper: Web 2.0 and Rich Internet Applications: How Today's Marketers Can Anticipate, Understand, and Help Their Companies Profit From the Web's Transformation

by Society for Technical CommunicationJan 01, 2008

Rich Internet Applications challenge marketers, who must measure and optimize business value. The internet is changing in profound ways. These diverse changes - often labeled as ""Web 2.0"" - make the Internet an even more compelling platform both for its users and for marketers. Adobe�s Flex application framework, including ActionScript 3.0, provides a state-of-the-art RIA development platform for the nearuniversal Flash Player. RIAs transcend the conventional HTML page, ""page views"" and ""click-throughs"" are irrelevant. To meet these challenges, one needs better ways to measure the web applications and link measurement to action.