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Whitepaper: Strengthening Compliance by Preventing Data Leakage from SAP

by SEEBURGERJun 19, 2012

Standard SAP implementations lack a native way to prevent authorized data exports. So you could be routinely violating compliance mandates - without even knowing it. Learn how you can avoid this hidden compliance risk by taking a new approach to managing file transfers - one that's centralized, secure and managed from within SAP.

Whitepaper: Consolidate and Modernize B2B, File Transfer and SAP Processes: Reap Big Rewards

by SEEBURGERJun 12, 2012

Consolidating and modernizing the IT that runs your B2B and file transfer environments - the backbone of your supply chain - can deliver big rewards: cost savings, improved efficiency, and revenue growth. By applying best practices, many best-run businesses have achieved a competitive edge from consolidating and modernizing their EDI, B2B and file transfer environments - including their SAP processes. Learn their secret: the seven key success factors for a consolidation and modernization project - and how to achieve them in your business.

Whitepaper: Streamline, Speed and Secure the Supply Chain with Managed File Transfer

by SEEBURGERJun 12, 2012

Your enterprise has invested heavily in SAP. But data exchange restrictions can limit the ability of your chain supply to reach its maximum potential. Large data files, FTP spaghetti and unreliable network connections all limit your ability to send and receive information. Just one of these problems is enough to raise costs and risks, and create long waits for data to come through.

Read the white paper to find out how Managed File Transfer ensures your data flow is secure and speedy.

Whitepaper: The TCO of FTP: Hidden Costs of Free File Sharing

by SEEBURGERJun 12, 2012

Information is one of your enterprises biggest assets. Yet while companies invest heavily in SAP systems, many overlook the fact that 80 percent of data is actually stored in files. While plenty of file storage and sharing methods abound - what looks like a good deal on the surface can end up costing plenty in the end.

Read the white paper to discover more about the true cost of "free" file sharing systems and file sharing best practices.

Whitepaper: Secure Managed File Transfer: Bringing Coherence & Control to Compliance

by SEEBURGERJun 12, 2012

Adherence to data security policies and mandates for compliance or governance is the most important objective for executives in companies running SAP. But many reveal that their data security policies are lacking. Traditional methods of managing file transfers can't prevent or protect your enterprise from compliance violations: they're insecure, inefficient, and non-auditable. This situation leaves a serious gap in compliance strategies. Learn how to close this gap with managed file transfer.