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Webcast: Sustaining Growth in the Digital Era - Business Process as Competitive Advantage

by Tata Consultancy ServicesNov 18, 2013

Success in the insurance marketplace continues to require carriers to do more while spending less. While domestic economic factors make growth and even retention challenging, cultural factors such as technology, consumerization and social media are rapidly changing customer expectations. Insurers need greater business agility than ever to deliver new products and services to new customers in new markets, and yet they are challenged to find the resources to do so.

To overcome this

Whitepaper: Structured Products in Wealth Management

by Tata Consultancy ServicesOct 15, 2008

This paper stresses the importance of having Structured Products as an asset class in the portfolio, or having it as a standalone product for the clients and the pros and cons of offering a structured product, for an Investment Bank or Asset Management Company. The paper also discusses the key factors that would affect the investment banks, their target customers, challenges investment banks face, their growth opportunities and strategies.Finally, this paper discusses about a Capital

Whitepaper: Siebel COM-Based Interface: An Innovative Alternative to EIM

by Tata Consultancy ServicesJan 01, 2008

Siebel eBusiness Application provides an inbuilt solution to enable bi-directional batch data integration using the Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM). It interfaces with Siebel?s Data Objects layer reading and writing bulk data in and out of the Siebel database via the Siebel interface tables. With some amount of administration and additional interface tables Siebel EIM offers a popular out-of-the box solution. This paper discovers an alternative method of secure data loading which

Whitepaper: Customer Data Privacy Solution: Can We Afford to Compromise It?

by Tata Consultancy ServicesJan 01, 2008

This paper published by Tata Consultancy Services describes the view on Customer Data Privacy Solution. It explains how one can implement privacy solutions in different database environments and above all to create awareness and make everyone understand the need to protect their customer data from distortion. According to author privacy and securing valuable customer information is directly related to company revenue. If a business has to flourish and win the hearts of millions of customers,

Whitepaper: Evaluating Customer Loyalty Solutions

by Tata Consultancy ServicesJan 01, 2008

The paper published by Tata Consultancy Services brings in key evaluation parameters that can be used for evaluating Customer Loyalty Programs (CLP) Solution options for an organization. Although the parameters discussed in this paper are from a real life situation, another key learning has been about a need to extend considerable attention in defining evaluation parameters, as each evaluation situation is more likely to be unique.