Whitepaper: Platforms for Mobile Applications

by ACCESSApr 29, 2008

As mobile growth outpaces that of desktops, the key issues for mobile devices include security, adaptability and flexibility, strong third-party ecosystems, and open versus proprietary platforms.

Whitepaper: Embedded Ajax: Web 2.0 Optimized for Mobile Devices

by ACCESSJan 01, 2008

Ajax is an open-standard Web development technique that uses a combination of XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript to enable the creation of highly efficient interactive Web applications. Ajax leverages the XMLHttpRequest object to support the asynchronous exchange of data between a web server and a client. This paper published by ACCESS describes the concept and design principles of Embedded Ajax, an Ajax implementation that is optimized for mobile devices. This paper also describes ACCESS’ vision for the optimal Web 2.0 applications for the rapidly growing mobile market.

Whitepaper: The ACCESS Linux Platform and the Hiker Application Framework: Accelerating Mobile Linux Market Growth and Fostering the Mobile Linux Ecosystem

by ACCESSJan 01, 2008

For mobile Linux developers, the presentation and handling of applications presents a significant challenge compared to the PC desktop. User expectations are vastly different, in part because screen size, and keyboard are all more constricted. These factors, in turn, affect how applications are installed, displayed, launched and exited, as well as how the applications themselves share data and are notified of events. For all of this, Linux alone is not enough, which is why ACCESS has created an Application Framework specifically for mobile devices - the Hiker Application Framework.

Whitepaper: The ACCESS Linux Platform: An Open and Flexible Software Platform for Intelligent Mobile Devices

by ACCESSJan 01, 2008

This paper introduces the ACCESS Linux Platform, including the motivations behind its design and the opportunities that it brings to the entire mobile industry value chain - device manufacturers, mobile operators, and mobile software developers. ACCESS Linux Platform is a new software platform that combines the ease-of-use and functionality of Palm OS with a Linux core. ACCESS Linux Platform delivers an open, flexible, and commercial-grade mobile device solution that is designed to meet the current and future needs of smartphone and mobile device manufacturers.

Whitepaper: The Access Linux Platform: Making Linux Mobile

by ACCESSJan 01, 2008

Linux is emerging as the operating system of choice for advanced mobile devices. This document provides an introductory overview to the Access Linux Platform (ALP) from ACCESS CO. LTD. Linux also has the resources of the open source community, which is building a vast and varied feature set for the mobile market while researching ways to increase application performance on small devices. Linux also provides more opportunities than its proprietary counterparts for cross-platform integration through broad support for embedded processors.

Whitepaper: The New Era of Mobile Linux Ubiquity

by ACCESSJan 01, 2008

The goals of this paper is to illustrate the rapid growth of Linux in mobile telephony, to provide insight into the trends and motives behind that growth, and to provide developers and others interested in mobile Linux with insights and means to meet the challenge of building and deploying Linux-based mobile handsets. This paper also aims to offer guidance and justification to developers, their management, customers and partners in evaluating Linux platform solutions and other resources.

Whitepaper: ACCESS Linux Platform: Making Linux Mobile

by ACCESSJan 01, 2008

This paper provides an introductory summary to the ACCESS Linux Platform from ACCESS CO., LTD. The ACCESS Linux Platform leverages the power and rewards of Linux to provide an inclusive robust, component-based development environment for mobile devices. As an open source solution, Linux has some distinct advantages in the mobile market.