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Whitepaper: An e-Commerce Primer

by Textor WebmastersJan 01, 2008

The technology underlying the market is quite complex and becomes more so as new payment methods and web technologies come on stream. The marketing approach is also new and different. The key to success is to find innovative ways to use that technology to attract customers. This white paper intends to give an overview of the most important concepts in electronic commerce. The authors assist newcomers to this field develop this exciting new sales channel.

Whitepaper: Building Site Traffic

by Textor WebmastersJan 01, 2008

No matter how good or bad a web site, its efficiency as a selling tool is going to be restricted by the readership. This white paper reviews the existing best practice in the area of traffic generation. The key conclusions are this is a complex area, results are not guaranteed, may be very limited, it is time consuming and therefore pricey. The best suggestion is to make sure a site has useful content and has a straightforward technical architecture, make rational efforts to solicit links from other sites and register with the main search engines and indexes.