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Whitepaper: Reexamining Information Systems Success Through the Information Technology Professionals Perspective

by Case Western Reserve UniversityJan 01, 2008

The study in this paper applied an approach taken from organizational development circles named ""Appreciative inquiry"" to improve understanding of the organizational environment, management practices, and sociocognitive determinants that are associated with successful information systems projects. In a series of 31 interviews and seven focus groups, IT professionals from various ranks and organizations followed an appreciative inquiry method to identify critical success factors of information systems projects. In addition to the traditional project success factors revealed by previous research, the crucial impact of positive affect among IT professionals on overall project success was discovered.

Whitepaper: Privatization, Liberalization, And Regulatory Reform: The Case Of Telecommunications

by Case Western Reserve UniversityJan 01, 2008

The research paper focuses on two aspects of decision making: the types of interests and values that are regularly considered in shaping privatization decisions; and the political-economic aspect, the institutional features of any system that give preference, weight, recommendation, or claim. The paper suggests that this practical understanding is crucial in obtaining a clear, strategic, and wise answer to the research, under what circumstances clash between institutions making regulatory policy decisions and interests and values of interest groups is the likely result and under what circumstances the privatization decision is likely to translate into behavior that is consistent with development goals.