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Whitepaper: Customer Communications in Life Insurance: Enabling Profitable Growth

by Cincom SystemsFeb 22, 2013

This whitepaper from Strategy Meets Action (SMA) focuses on superior customer communication's role in capitalizing on the changes that are occurring in the life insurance industry. The twin pillars for profitable growth - new customer acquisition and improved retention - depend on high quality customer communications. This is not a case in which technology advancements fall short of needed solution requirements. The automated tools are in place. The capabilities for supporting the creation,

Whitepaper: The Business Value of Great Communications: A Strategy Meets Action (SMA) Perspective

by Cincom SystemsDec 06, 2011

The insurance industry sells promises - promises that are fulfilled by people. Unlike other industries that manufacture and deliver physical products, the value experienced by an insurance customer is a result of the interaction they have with the insurer, and the perception of how well the insurer has delivered on the promise of the insurance contract. For insurance companies, customer communications play a key role in shaping value.

The quality of customer communications can make or

Whitepaper: Eight Steps to Exceptional Customer Experiences for Property and Casualty Insurers

by Cincom SystemsJun 01, 2011

This white paper outlines the eight steps and explains how they are being applied by P&C insurance carriers to meet today's difficult customer-experience challenges. By adapting these best practices to their own specific situations, insurers can fulfill rising customer expectations, comply with internal mandates, improve staff morale and gain deeper insight into conditions that impact the insurer's mission-as they increase revenues and reduce costs.

Whitepaper: Achieve Rapid ROI with Cincom Eloquence® for Document Automation

by Cincom SystemsNov 08, 2010

?What Kind of Return Can We Expect on This Investment??

It?s the question everyone has to face when they propose the purchase of a new technology solution. No matter what industry you?re in, you need to be able to demonstrate a significant return on investment (ROI) for the money you want to spend on new hardware, software, and services.

But ROI lives in the realm of the ?bean counters?, and they determine it by taking a hard look at the projected cost savings and

Whitepaper: Nine Signs Your Claims Correspondence Processes Need Improving

by Cincom SystemsApr 07, 2010

The challenge for most insurance organizations lies in simplifying the complexities involved in harnessing content generated by claims processes. Non-technical resources?not just IT personnel?must be able to apply formatting and business logic to that content and easily assemble, generate and deliver claims correspondence that is accurate, timely and personalized to each policyholder.

So where do you stand? Are your claims correspondence processes showing signs of needing

Whitepaper: Customer Experience Happens in the Contact Center

by Cincom SystemsJan 01, 2008

The contact center’s role in a customer experience management strategy cannot be taken too lightly. Consumers recognize that a company’s ability to respond to a problem or request has a higher influence on an excellent experience than any other attribute. That puts the contact center front and center in creating that experience - consistently, intentionally, but in a manner that is differentiated and adds value.

Whitepaper: Web Services in Cincom Smalltalk VisualWorks

by Cincom SystemsJan 01, 2008

VisualWorks web services support SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) for the delivery of services via the web. The VisualWorks virtual SOA platform provides all of the necessary components of SOA, including the host environment, consumer environment, integration and assembly environment, development environment, publishing and discovery, service-level management, security infrastructure, monitoring and measurement, diagnostics and failure, web service protocols and certification. VisualWorks