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Whitepaper: Is Your Content Really Working for You?

by Cadmus CommunicationsJan 01, 2008

At Cadmus, it is believed that the content drives new revenue streams and builds brand loyalty. It should connect the audience and make them feel connected to the community created. Whether it’s processing content for print or electronic delivery, producing award-winning print publications or building relationships and communities through rich media content delivery, they are dedicated to providing solutions that facilitate the communication of the essential content. They seek ways to effectively inform and hold their audience. The objective is to get better the publishing process and grow the business.

Whitepaper: Repurpose Your Content With Cadmus Custom Publishing for Journals, Books and Course Packs

by Cadmus CommunicationsJan 01, 2008

Publishing a book or scholarly journal is time consuming and expensive. Cadmus Custom Publishing facilitates publishers to leverage the investment made in the content by custom bundling and repackaging the content for reuse. Also, by utilizing print-on-demand technology, publishers eliminate inventory stock and storage. Bring new life to the content and creating revenue by using Cadmus Custom Publishing to create customized collections by topic, theme or author from one or more of the publications.

Whitepaper: Custom Solutions for Scholarly Publishers

by Cadmus CommunicationsJan 01, 2008

As the changes in publishing are coming faster and are more reflective Cadmus’ outsourcing options help people to retain their competitive edge. Focus the resources on acquiring and marketing content while relying on Cadmus to manage an integrated, global production platform designed to reduce costs and make oneself more competitive. Cadmus Communications serves intellectual publishers worldwide with a deep assurance to providing the best available technology and customer support for the publishing programs. They invest in tools and services that improve efficiency, increase cost effectiveness, and even generate revenue.