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AccelOps' software provides a unified "single pane of glass" view for SIEM, performance and availability monitoring that works across physical, virtual, on-premise, and cloud-based IT infrastructure.

AccelOps' unified monitoring software makes the jobs of network and security administrators significantly easier because it can replace 5 or 6 other packages. The software scales easily using virtual machines that can be easily added or subtracted as the number of monitored events changes. Its multi-tenant capabilities provide a comprehensive view of the information and can be tailored for individual customers or groups. And, the AccelOps solution comes with over 1000 ready-to-use reports and rules for 200 security threat scenarios that allow users to detect and make sense of complex IT patterns and events in real time.

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Whitepaper: Operationalizing Information Security: Putting the Top 10 SIEM Best Practices to Work

by AccelOps, Inc.Nov 06, 2012

The use of security information and event management (SIEM) as part of an integrated security management program is an information security best practice. Whether referring to security event management, security information management, log management systems, or more modern combined industry solutions, SIEM user requirements and operational considerations have evolved.

This eBook provides guidance to operationalize security and put the top 10 best SIEM practices to work, offering pertinent insights and details about how to gain more assured value from SIEM.

Whitepaper: Enabling Data Center and Cloud Service Management for Mid-Tier Enterprises

by AccelOps, Inc.Nov 06, 2012

Companies rely on the data center and IT to provide mission-critical services, like e-mail, Web, and voice. However, assuring service delivery and reliability becomes increasingly difficult as growth in data center virtualization, remote access, cloud-based applications, and outsourced service technologies fuel operational complexity.

To improve service reliability, organizations must be able to see and manage all aspects of performance, availability, and security related to that service. Read this white paper to learn how the combination of discovery, data aggregation, correlation, out-of-the-box analytics, data management, and reporting can yield a single pane of glass into data center and IT operations and services.

Whitepaper: AccelOps' Unified Infrastructure Management Examined

by AccelOps, Inc.Nov 06, 2012

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has had a solid, three-year history tracking AccelOps, a pioneering software developer that enables network and security administrators to monitor performance, availability and events with just one application.

They found that AccelOps customers are enjoying unique benefits in terms of time to value, scope of value, and cohesiveness in performance and security management thanks to the AccelOps�s premium on pragmatic innovations. This report provides a current view of AccelOps� capabilities in industry context, including interview excerpts with three AccelOps customers.

Whitepaper: IT Infrastructure Monitoring Strategies for the BYOD World

by AccelOps, Inc.Nov 06, 2012

Companies are increasingly loosening policies to allow employee-owned devices to connect to corporate resources. More than 75% of the knowledge-based workforce uses a mobile device to access the corporate network. The typical knowledge worker now averages 2.8 devices that may connect to the network. AccelOps makes this a no-compromise decision.