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Whitepaper: Alepo's Policy Server (PCRF)

by AlepoJan 23, 2014

Whitepaper: Streamlining LTE: Alepo's HSS

by AlepoJan 06, 2014

Whitepaper: Five Emerging Trends in Carrier Wifi

by AlepoDec 01, 2013

With mobile data usage on the upswing, wireless carriers are looking to Wi-Fi hotspots as a viable option for the delivery of high speed internet services on mobile devices. With the introduction of Wi-Fi hotspots to their overall mobile data strategy, carriers can unlock new revenue channels, drive up business value, and optimize network resources and efficiencies.

This Alepo white paper reveals five emerging innovations surrounding Carrier Wi-Fi offload and monetization that are advancing opportunities for wireless carriers in making Wi-Fi hotspots a fundamental and viable part of their mobile data strategy.

Whitepaper: Achieving next generation policy with Alepo's PCRF

by AlepoDec 01, 2013

Alepo's Policy & Charging Control Function (PCRF) performs real-time policy management across all services and technologies, including LTE, WiMAX, eHRPD, HSPA+, WLAN, and more, empowering mobile operators to truly differentiate their business plans in an increasingly dynamic marketplace.

Whitepaper: Streamlining LTE: Alepo's HSS

by AlepoDec 01, 2013

The Home Subscriber Server (HSS) is an integral aspect of the evolved packet core (EPC) of any LTE or IMS network. Presenting streamlined signaling, a hierarchical database, and breakneck speeds, Alepo's HSS offers providers a high-performing keystone of an LTE or IMS network.

Whitepaper: Faster Networks Now: LTE Solutions from Alepo

by AlepoDec 01, 2013

With 4G LTE networks already in deployment and the expectation of continual growth over the next few years, LTE likely will become the standard for mobile broadband technology, offering substantial benefits to both the operator and the end user.

Alepo's comprehensive LTE solution allows incumbent and greenfield providers to quickly and seamlessly launch LTE services through the deployment of an end-to-end EPC and OSS/BSS system.