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Whitepaper: Wireless Consumer Electronics: Are connected gadgets the next big thing in mobile networks?

by inCodeJan 15, 2009

This paper analyze key factors that will influence the success of wirelessly connected consumer electronics devices and opportunities for wireless operators and device OEMs as this market evolves. The Consumer Electronics industry is known to favor a single dominant standard for technologies with competing standards (e.g. Betamax vs. VHS, HD-DVD vs. BluRay). In case of wireless connectivity, there is potential for multiple standards to co-exist. However, the standard with maximum penetration in

Whitepaper: inCode and The Evolving Mobile Data Market

by inCodeJan 15, 2009

This paper addresses the growing trend toward more advanced handsets, as well as the direct and indirect impact of this shift toward smarter devices, specifically in regards to mobile content and applications and emerging device--and the implications for carriers and device OEMs.

Whitepaper: Evolving Device Mix Enables Mobile Data Revolution

by inCodeNov 24, 2008

Mobile data revenues are expected to double, and one in every three mobile phones is expected to be a smartphone, by 2013. Moreover, as customers come to expect the mobile Internet to mimic the fixed internet, we expect to see a proliferation of wirelessly enabled CE devices, just as WiFi has become a common attribute for CE today.

With growing demand for the mobile Internet come challenges. But if the mobile industry is able to effectively address these challenges, mobile data adoption

Whitepaper: Wireless Consumer Electronics: Are Connected Gadgets The Next Big Thing In Mobile Networks?

by inCodeNov 24, 2008

With high data rates, ubiquitous coverage, affordable chipset price, and spare data capacity, 3G networks have all the enablers for wireless integration in CE devices. In our analysis, devices with clear current value propositions like laptops, UMPCs, navigation, and gaming devices can be considered initial candidates for enabling wireless integration. It is imperative for OEMs and service providers to explore new business models (a combination of retail, wholesale, or pay-per-use) and service

Whitepaper: UMA’s Role Within Mobile Network Evolution

by inCodeJan 01, 2008

As operators of all kinds are looking into junction services, they are faced with new and fragile technology choices. Among many new acronyms, Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) has made its way through the operators’ doors. The technology, mounting the GSM network architecture with new access technologies like Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs), is a straightforward way to achieve device convergence. This paper assesses how UMA fits into a number of different network evolutions, i.e. UMTS,