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Whitepaper: AirPlay and AirPrint on Campus Networks

by Aruba NetworksOct 10, 2012

Let your users wirelessly print from iPads, project in conference rooms, and share content using Apple TVs. Aruba AirGroup makes it possible to use Apple Bonjour services in the enterprise or in classrooms based on the user's identity and location.

Whitepaper: 802.11ac Executive Brief

by Aruba NetworksOct 10, 2012

802.11ac promises to revolutionize access networks by offering Gigabit connectivity over the air. This new Wi-Fi standard will enhance many aspects of enterprise networking, but it's important to understand the features, benefits, and limitations.

Whitepaper: Gartner MarketScope for Wireless LAN Intrusion Prevention Systems

by Aruba NetworksOct 10, 2012

Wireless LAN intrusion prevention systems address evolving wireless security threats. WLAN IPS is a distinct market, but baseline security is increasingly satisfied by products and capabilities from WLAN infrastructure vendors.

Whitepaper: Gartner Strategic Road Map for Network Access Control

by Aruba NetworksMar 27, 2012

Long derided as an overhyped concept, network access control (NAC) has emerged as an important solution for mitigating the risks of consumerization. Network and security managers will use NAC to retain control of the network in a "bring your own device" (BYOD) environment.

Whitepaper: Conquering today's Bring Your Own Device Challenges

by Aruba NetworksMar 27, 2012

A BYOD solution should automate the device onboarding process for employees and guests, as well as the administration and enforcement of policies, by gathering information about the context of the device, user and connection. BYOD also requires real-time visibility and reporting to quickly measure, enforce, and meet compliance mandates.

Whitepaper: How I Hacked Your Wireless LAN � And How to Stop Me

by Aruba NetworksJul 22, 2008

Wireless LANs are popping up everywhere?in homes, hotspots and businesses. Get a first-hand look at wireless LAN attacks that have occurred, an appraisal of various risk models that address real dangers (not just hype) and a vendor-neutral review of wireless security technologies on the market.

Whitepaper: Taking Wireless to the Next Level: Fixed-Mobile Convergence

by Aruba NetworksJan 01, 2008

This paper published by Aruba Networks describes Fixed-mobile convergence is not about grand visions - it’s about enabling enterprises and end-users to save time, reduce costs, and enhance productivity. There is market demand for voice FMC right now. Enterprises want to free users from tethered phones both within and outside the enterprise. Enterprises want to reduce telecom costs and inefficiencies. Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) is touted as the way to provide end-users the same portfolio