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Whitepaper: The Practice and Evaluation of the Application of Mobile Phone in the University Class

by Tokyo Institute of TechnologyJan 01, 2008

There has been a lot of development in the use of mobile phones in the education field. This is mainly due to the portability of mobile phones which allows easy access to learning. This encouraged the author to develop a learning system using the mobile phone which supports lectures in the university. The aim of the system is to simplify the teacher’s task in controlling the lecture, and enhance students’ motivation towards learning. This system was utilized in practice and was actively used by both the teacher and students.

Whitepaper: Making Wide-Area, Multi-Site MPI Feasible Using Xen VM

by Tokyo Institute of TechnologyJan 01, 2008

The authors in this white paper believe many of the obstacles are overcome by various means for wider classes of applications than previously believed. The existing work involves using Xen as the underlying virtual machine layer to implement such migration, along with performance-optimizing migration strategies, this white paper deals with performance evaluations of MPI on Xen VMs including what are the possible performance hindrances, implications of migrations, as well as the outcome of variations in latencies and bandwidth parameters as realized by the overlay network using a software network emulator.