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The LTO Program, formed by technology provider companies HP, IBM and Quantum, develops a powerful, scalable, adaptable open tape format to address data protection and archive needs. The LTO technology with the innovative Linear Tape File System makes tape easier to use than ever before. Visit

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Whitepaper: LTFS Hits the Mark in Media & Entertainment: An In-Depth Introduction to LTFS for Digital Media

by Ultrium LTOFeb 20, 2013

In the media and entertainment industry, content is king. The majority of this content is now produced in digital form and virtually all of this content has digital distribution; that content is not digital data. Protecting that content, the lifeblood of this industry, with the right data storage solution is more important than ever.

This whitepaper offers deeper insight into how LTFS provides significant advantages for media and entertainment applications. It includes an overview of LTFS, evaluates the pros and cons versus other storage technologies, and takes a look at how LTFS enhances industry workflows and processes.

Whitepaper: In Search of the Long-Term Archiving Solution-Tape Delivers Significant TCO Advantage over Disk

by Ultrium LTOFeb 20, 2013

The Clipper Group examines what to do now to prepare for the ensuing decades of continuing data growth, technology change, and increasing long-term preservation requirements. For long-term archiving of digital data:

•  The average disk-based solution costs 15 times the average tape-based solution
•  The cost of energy alone for the average disk-based solution exceeds the entire TCO for the average tape-based solution

Whitepaper: GET THE FACTS: LTO Tape Reliability $aves

by Ultrium LTOFeb 20, 2013

Don't listen to the hype. Tape remains the most reliable storage solution available. Find out the truth about backups and why disk and tape play key roles in the storage hierarchy.