Neebula provides Service-Centric Availability Management software that improves IT performance and availability through an automated and unified approach to mapping business services which is 20 times faster and 80 percent less expensive compared to other solutions. Optimized for software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery, Neebula encourages IT organizations to shift from monitoring data center silos (servers, network, storage, applications) to managing end-user business services (examples: CRM, billing, tax payment, fund transfer services). Believing that effective IT �Starts with the Map,� Neebula�s unique technology automatically creates and maintains a run-time map of business services including underlying physical, virtual, network, and storage infrastructure. Focused on business impact and realizing that IT should monitor only what matters, Neebula�s run-time service map enriches event management and monitored information by presentation in the context of the business service, resulting in improved IT change control, rapid problem isolation, and meaningful service health monitoring.

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Whitepaper: Effectively Controlling IT Change

by NeebulaApr 19, 2013

It is often claimed that "80% of unplanned outages are due to ill-planned changes made by administrators or developers." Considering that an average IT organization makes 11-100 changes every week, it is well understood that change management has become a daunting task. This e-book highlights key points necessary for effectively managing IT changes and visually explains the benefits that Neebula ServiceWatch can add to the process without disrupting any existing change procedures.

Whitepaper: A Simple Path to Effective Root Cause Analysis

by NeebulaApr 19, 2013

Anyone who has worked an IT Service Desk knows that on average 80 percent of incident & problem management time is spent identifying and analyzing the root cause of an incident... less than 20% is dedicated to fixing the underlying issue. Knowledge is power. Make IT administrators heroes by significantly reducing MTTR and IT executives happy by increasing service availability. This eBook provides problem detection methods, tips for improving root cause analysis, and outlines several approaches for root-cause analysis.