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Whitepaper: Case Study: LivePerson Secures Robust Static Code Analysis Security Solution

by CheckmarxApr 16, 2013

With more than 1million Lines of Code (LOC), LivePerson, an industry leader and provider of chat-based services, was committed to finding the most commercially available Static Code Analysis Security solution on the market. Due to the size and complexity of the codes written by LivePerson�s 150+ developers, their code analysis requirements were extensive - resulting in the investigation of many Static Code Analysis solutions including open source applications. Download, �Case Study: LivePerson� to gain a better understanding of LivePerson�s requirements, including:

� Analyze incomplete code samples with missing dependencies - reducing time and resources to audit code samples for vulnerabilities
� Manage the delta � comparing the current scan with last scan, ensuring that the security vulnerability was resolved
� Avoid precious developer time lost � ensuring a highly accurate solution
Secure code reviews are critical in maintaining an agile and continuous integration environment. Download this now.

Whitepaper: Enterprise Application Security: A Guide to Choosing Between Binary and Source Code Analysis

by CheckmarxApr 11, 2013

Software security is a top priority for many organizations with many considering how they should integrate security earlier on in the software development lifecycle. A process change like this would benefit organizations in the form of reduction in costs and increased productivity as a result of minimizing flaws and removing defects via software patches. Download, �Enterprise Application Security: Source vs. Binary Code Analysis� to learn about the benefits of Source Code Analysis (SCA) and how it:

•  Provides a one solution fits all - unlike Binary Code Analysis (BCA) which must read and analyze outputs from different compilers
•  Identifies vulnerabilities even when the actual library code (�missing library�) of the SQL function call is missing
•  Utilizes the exact same tool to scan the code anywhere, regardless of the OS or development hardware.Code analysis is a standard method of introducing secure software development and gauging inherent software risk.

Download this whitepaper.

Whitepaper: A Guide to Implementing a Successful SAST Tool and Solving Developer Security Issues

by CheckmarxApr 11, 2013

Recognizing security defects early in the development cycle have traditionally posed real challenges for developers as current static analysis tools often generate significant false positive results and other major issues. Next generation tools address these issues by integrating static analysis as part of development teams� normal �design, code, test and analysis� processes. Download, �A Successful SAST Tool Implementation� to learn how these tools can:

•  Integrate with normal software engineering workflows
•  Accurately report on security defects
•  Suggest techniques for repair that fit the engineer�s development and testing process
•  By using an effective SAST (Static Application Security Testing) tool, developers can gain insight into what secure code looks like and how to incorporate that knowledge into future activities.

Download the whitepaper now.

Whitepaper: Case study - Playtech

by CheckmarxApr 02, 2013