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Whitepaper: Secure File Sharing and Collaboration

by WatchDoxSep 15, 2013

The Path to Increased Productivity and Reduced Risk

Enterprise File Sharing and Sync (EFSS) products are making inroads into the enterprise -in fact, Forrester analyst Ted Schadler recently called the space the "hottest technology category since social networking". However, many EFSS implementations leave many issues unanswered, such as:

How will intellectual property be protected if a user shares or syncs it?
How will compliance be handled if regulated data ends up in the EFSS system?
How will data be discoverable if files are synced to a cloud service and the company gets entangled in a lawsuit?

Download this White Paper and see how you can take the shortest path to implementing EFSS, while protecting the organization against data loss incidents.

Whitepaper: Security Considerations for Online File Sharing

by WatchDoxSep 15, 2013

The trend toward individuals and even departments subscribing to easily available cloud-based services, such as file sharing applications, without IT authority, is pushing many companies to deploy a corporate online file sharing and collaboration solution (OFS).

Download the "Security Considerations for Online File Sharing" white paper and learn what you need to look out for when considering an Online File Sharing Solution.

Topics include:

� Advantages and disadvantages of different online file sharing deployment models - public cloud, hybrid cloud, and private cloud
� Questions you should ask regarding security - data center, network, privacy and data ownership
� Practices around data retention and e-discovery

Whitepaper: Mobile Workers: Are Your Documents Secure?

by WatchDoxMay 31, 2013

Mobile devices like iPads, smartphones and notebooks make it easier to stay connected, but can also leave your valuable information more vulnerable.

Download the "Mobile Workers: Are Your Documents Secure?" white paper and learn:

•   The most common sources of data breach
•   Why mobile device management solutions can't protect you
•   Three steps you can take to protect your company data

Whitepaper: Defending Data on iOS

by WatchDoxMay 31, 2013

According to a recent Citrix survey, 58% of enterprises worldwide have adopted iOS as the mobile platform of choice. Almost every IT organization is under pressure to support iOS, but only a small percentage have technical capabilities or policies in place to manage this transition.

Download the "Defending Data on iOS" report and learn:

•  The security and data production models inherent with iOS
•  The pros and cons of adopting one of the three security options: unmanaged, partially managed, and fully managed
•  The considerations for building a data security strategy

Whitepaper: Forrester report: Anywhere, Anytime, Any-Device Engagement With A Stateless Mobile Architecture

by WatchDoxMay 31, 2013

According to Forrester surveys, 91% of US consumers have at least one connected device. Business users are putting increased demands on internal IT to deliver mobile-enabled functions for anytime, anywhere, any-device access to information. How can enterprises prepare for the future of mobility with the requisite controls and security?

Download this "Forrester Report" and discover:

•  Major business and IT trends that will affect the development of a future-proof mobile support strategy
•  The "stateless" architecture where IT decouples security controls from the devices and the infrastructure
•  The changes needed in IT operations and expectations to support this new architecture
•  The four steps that IT professionals must follow to build a stateless architecture