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Whitepaper: Empowering Your Mobile Workforce: Change is in Your Hands

by FrontRangeOct 16, 2013

The adoption of trending technologies, such as workforce mobility, are essential to ensuring any modern enterprise remains competitive, profitable, agile and successful in meeting organizational goals. Process and technology changes, however, are rarely adopted without resistance from both users and administrators and can be disruptive to business productivity. IT managers are often caught between the need to meet emerging enterprise requirements and having to address the substantial challenges of implementing change. In this edition of EMA's series of "Change is in Your Hands" white papers, actionable guidance is provided on the best approaches to empowering a mobile workforce while reducing administrative efforts.

Whitepaper: Supporting Workforce Mobility: Best Practices in Enterprise Mobility Management

by FrontRangeOct 02, 2013

Success in meeting today's dynamic organizational requirements is dependent on your ability to securely and reliably empower a mobile workforce through every type of device, whether owned by the business or by an employee. Read this whitepaper to learn the essential practices in Enterprise Mobility Management that will lay the foundation for effective, long-term delivery of business IT services regardless of what devices are used.

Whitepaper: Business Case: Learn how you can unlock the value and benefit from a 6.x ROI with an Automated, Unified IT Service and Client Management Solution

by FrontRangeSep 25, 2013

Maximizing operational efficiencies, reducing IT costs, and improving service quality and compliance are just a few of the primary concerns for IT organizations looking to improve their efficiency and deliver more strategic value to their companies. This challenge is made more complex when IT Service and Client Management processes are managed manually, or across a number of disparate systems or applications, which can be costly and time intensive in an increasingly complex IT environment. The value of an automated and unified IT Service and Client Management solution is immediate and demonstrable. A sample organization with 10,000 employees, 3,000 service requests a month, 40 hours a week spent managing changes, and 25 application/upgrade deployments per year, can experience $1.5M in savings from maximizing operational efficiencies and reduced IT costs alone. Through improved service quality and compliance, annual benefits can be as much as $2.3M.

Download this paper to discover the research findings and the overall Return on Investment (ROI) implication for organizations considering an automated, integrated IT Service and Client Management solution.

Whitepaper: The Impact Of Cloud Technologies On IT Service Management

by FrontRangeSep 25, 2013

Every market forecast clearly shows that user adoption of Cloud Computing alternatives is accelerating and fueling the rapid growth of the Cloud Computing industry. THINKstrategies and FrontRange have teamed up to conduct a survey to better understand how this trend is impacting the IT Service Management (ITSM) needs of organizations. Three hundred forty-one (341) people worldwide participated in our survey that was conducted in December 2012 through January 2013. This report provides an overview of our findings and the implications of this new data.

Whitepaper: Hybrid IT Service Management - A Requirement for Virtualization and Cloud Computing

by FrontRangeSep 25, 2013

Many IT organizations are excited about the prospects of incorporating Cloud-based and virtual computing technologies into their present/future vision. At the same time, many of these same organizations have been educated and taken many steps on the road to IT service management maturity. But Cloud is a means to improved efficiency, not an end in itself, and companies should not overlook the need to connect business goals and priorities.

Download this whitepaper and learn how you can capitalize on your hard work in domain management, service management and virtualization to leverage Cloud services for increased resiliency and efficiency.

Whitepaper: When Service Isn't Enough

by FrontRangeJun 28, 2013

Whitepaper: Research: IT as a Service

by FrontRangeJun 28, 2013