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Whitepaper: 7 Reasons Leading Companies Manage their APIs in the Cloud

by MasheryJul 10, 2013

Learn how and why leading companies such as Expedia, Best Buy and the NY Times, are managing their APIs in the Cloud.

Video: 7 Strategies for Architecting API Success in the Cloud

by MasheryJul 10, 2013

Hear Amazon Web Services and Mashery, the leader in API Management, talk about finding success by intelligently building applications for the Amazon Web Services could platform.

Whitepaper: Cash in on today's exploding mobile market with APIs

by MasheryJul 29, 2013

Now that consumers and businesses must embrace the proiliferation of mobile technologies, your company is presented with a great opportunity. In this Guide, you'll discover how to Turn your APIs into products that generate non-stop revenue; Determine the value of your APIs and price them right and Promote your APIs to developers to increase sales and expand revenues

Video: Managing Your Enterprise APIs as Products

by MasheryJul 10, 2013

With enterprises increasingly treating APIs as full-fledged products - setting targets for revenue, reach, and branding - business-side teams want the power to customize API offerings. Hear how you can Learn how business development, product marketing, and API management teams can now:

� Create on-the-fly packages of API methods and response filters for a partner or group of partners without engineering investment

� Negotiate custom contract terms with API partners and quickly create packages based on those terms

� Offer API packages through self-service registration and key provisioning, or moderate access privately

� Analyze API performance and utilization metrics by package

Whitepaper: Turning Data into Gold using APIs

by MasheryJul 10, 2013

Download this success kit to learn how leading companies have taken their existing data and turned it into new revenue streams. This kit includes 7 tips to turbocharge your mobile strategy, 2 success stories and Q&A with companies that have been successful at turning their data into revenue.