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Whitepaper: Secure Healthcare Banking: The Critical Step of Identity Verification

by PersonixJan 01, 2008

Medical costs are escalating and healthcare payers and providers alike are probing ways to lessen their administration costs. One outstanding example of cost savings is healthcare banking, which integrates healthcare payment processes with network access to the banking infrastructure to lower administrative costs. To advance security, there has been significant industry and regulatory stress on stronger authentication methods that use numerous identity factors at time of sign-on. Yet insufficient attention is being paid to proving the identity of a provider and the authenticity of the information they provide, before sign-on credentials are issued.

Whitepaper: Electronic Medical Remittance Advice and Payments: A Critical Transition for Healthcare

by PersonixJan 01, 2008

The Fibre Channel SAN with NetApp Storage keeps paper production running around the clock. It has gained greater availability and performance and are benefiting from simplified data management. The two extremely mission-critical applications for the complete operation are TietoEnator, a Finnish industry solution for sales and production management, and SAP R/3 with the modules BW (Business Information Warehouse), FI (FInancial Accounting), CO (COntrolling), AM (Asset Management), MM (Materials Management) and HR (Human Resources). While TietoEnator runs on the basis of Oracle Forms in a cluster with HP-UX, SAP and the associated Oracle database is in a cluster under Windows 2003.