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Whitepaper: Protecting Mobile Device Users from Advanced Persistent Threats

by Marble SecurityAug 19, 2013

The recent explosion of employee-owned mobile devices used for work, a trend known as bring your own device, has introduced a new set of vulnerabilities and opportunities for perpetrators of highly sophisticated advanced persistent threats. Unlike past attacks that caused widespread outages, mayhem and lost productivity, APTs aim for theft of highly valuable intellectual property, finances and customer personal information

Mobile security management from companies such as Marble Security provides mobile and BYOD-enabled organizations with mobile device management capabilities and robust protection from APT security threats at the application and network level.

Webcast: Why you're still at risk - and what you can do about it

by Marble SecurityMay 22, 2013

This white paper explores the three primary ways that MDM solutions fail to protect organizations and how these inadequacies leave corporate networks and users vulnerable to today's critical threats.

Whitepaper: 2013 Forrester Mobile Security Predictions

by Marble SecurityMay 22, 2013

The mobile market is evolving rapidly. Both the consumer and enterprise markets are experiencing major changes. Room exists for new innovations as well as for established players to develop new revenue opportunities. What challenges will various players in the mobile ecosystem face in the near future, and what opportunities will the market present to them? In this report, Forrester looks at current market and technology adoption trends and makes its mobile security predictions.

Whitepaper: Nine Critical Threats Against Mobile Workers

by Marble SecurityMay 22, 2013

This white paper seeks to describe nine schemes used by criminal entities targeting employee-owned mobile devices to penetrate the corporate firewall and the risks they pose. The threats discussed here include:

� Malware, trojans and zero-day attacks
� Key loggers
� Compromised Wi-Fi hotspots
� Poisoned DNS
� Malicious and privacy leaking apps
� Jail broken and rooted devices
� Unpatched OS Versions
� Spear phishing
� Advanced persistent threats

In addition, this white paper will discuss the latest strategies to protect against these varied attacks and a road map for reducing the risk unleashed by compromised mobile devices.

Whitepaper: How to Effectively Secure Your Network Against Mobile Threats

by Marble SecurityMay 22, 2013

The following whitepaper looks into eight critical mobile threats SMEs become vulnerable to when their network is open to the many mobile devices available today, remote employees, and personal devices being used for work. The overall goal is to educate on how to implement the right solution to protect against these critical threats and ensure the company network is safe and secure.