Whitepaper: Collaboration Case Study: Yellow Pages Group

by tibbrJun 24, 2013

After just two months, 80% of the company's 2,800 staff has created a profile on the platform, and 27,000 posts have been added across 200 groups. The initial use cases have been very successful, with the social intranet now replacing various different communication channels including email, and driving greater interaction between departments. The highly distributed sales team has embraced the technology particularly enthusiastically, predominantly to support sharing of success stories on the platform. While it's still early days, Yellow Pages Group is already seeing evidence of the flattening of the organisational hierarchy, with greater communication and visibility between senior and more junior staff.

Whitepaper: Four Reasons Why "Facebook for the Enterprise" Isn't Good Enough

by tibbrJun 24, 2013

The concept of using social networking in the office has evolved from simply connecting people and conversations to taking action and getting real work done. But in order for enterprise social networking to be successful it must incorporate the applications and relevant conversations employees use everyday to get drive business outcomes.

In this whitepaper discover how tibbr provides relevant updates employees need from CRM, ERP, expense, inventory and document management systems, plus unifies communication all under one social interface.

Whitepaper: Leverage Your SharePoint Investment with Enterprise Social Networking

by tibbrJun 24, 2013

Organizations have spent time and resources on Microsoft SharePoint. Learn how they're using enterprise social networking to enhance the value of their investment. In this whitepaper, discover how tibbr connects your organization's content with relevant people, groups and systems to drive real business outcomes.

Whitepaper: How to Get More Out of Your Integration Systems

by tibbrJun 24, 2013

Enterprise social networking must intelligently incorporate business applications with conversations so employees can execute on key business outcomes. In this report, discover how tibbr empowers IT to integrate your existing systems and data to increase efficiency. This report includes an overview of the tibbr Architecture, REST API, bi-directional functionality, activity streams and other key methods for integrating all applications.

Whitepaper: Turbocharge Productivity with Enterprise Social Networking

by tibbrJun 24, 2013

More transparency and open collaboration can transform the way people get work done. In this whitepaper, discover how leading brands are using enterprise social networking to innovate, increase engagement and boost productivity.