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Interactive Intelligence is a global provider of unified IP business communications solutions, providing innovative contact center software - often referred to as call center software, and delivered as a hosted service or on-premise product; IP telephony - including application-rich IP PBX and messaging functionality that can scale to meet the needs of your entire enterprise; and business process automation - providing the automation of multi-step, people-centric processes across a variety of vertical industries; as well as document management solutions designed specifically for the insurance industry.

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Webcast: Integrated Communications and Collaboration: The Key to Insurance Omnichannel Success

by Interactive IntelligenceSep 03, 2015

It?s tempting to think that insurance customers stay strictly within the channel guardrails during their purchase and servicing journeys but nothing could be further from the truth.? In fact, the voyages that your customers take to buy and service their insurance needs are often complex and fraught with missed chances to speed up the sale or service the customer efficiently.? What?s missing? A communication strategy that truly reflects the insurance shopping and servicing experience.In this

Webcast: Making the Move to Digital Insurance: Tips for Success

by Interactive IntelligenceApr 22, 2015

One of the toughest challenges for the insurance market is the adoption of digital technology. However companies need to make digitization a priority in order to retain customers and improve their experience. But what does digital really mean? How will it impact how insurance companies communicate and collaborate with policyholders? How will insurance companies work with partners and employees alike?During this webinar, you will learn the best practices and what to consider when you make this

Webcast: 5 Tips for Innovative Patient Engagement

by Interactive IntelligenceFeb 03, 2015

With patient engagement strategies at the top of everyone’s priority list, healthcare organizations must implement the right technologies and processes to meet the challenge. Proactive multi-channel notifications for appointment and refill reminders, patient follow-up, physician scheduling, and streamlining everyday population management processes are just the beginning. Attend this webinar to learn how to: Merge contact center initiatives and business goals to ease the patient experience

Webcast: Insurance 2015: Predicting Digital Trends

by Interactive IntelligenceOct 06, 2014

The rise of smartphones, smart cars and other connected devices is having a profound impact on what consumers expect from their insurers. To avoid being left behind, insurers must align their digital investment priorities according to modern-day customer demands. Attend this webinar to: Learn six key changes poised to affect insurers in the coming year Discover how new technological trends will influence insurers’ digital investments Understand how new digital purchases will affect

Webcast: How to Cancel No-Shows & Build Patient Engagement

by Interactive IntelligenceJul 11, 2014

No-shows cost the U.S. health system about $150 billion annually. Accounting for about 6% of appointments, they disrupt scheduling, harm their own health, and can cost practices tens of thousands of dollars in lost fees. This webinar, presented by Bill Ramalho, CIO of Virginia Surgery Associates and sponsored by Interactive Intelligence, demonstrates how you can: Improve profitability, workflow, and patient experience Enhance patient engagement and boost population health Exceed patient

Webcast: Joining the Revolution in Insurance Customer Interaction

by Interactive IntelligenceMay 30, 2014

Insurance companies are being disrupted from all angles, and savvy companies are laying the foundation for a new way of doing business now in order to be better positioned for the future. Technology investments are being made with a focus on developing products and services that can be delivered and maintained in a digital environment. Winning carriers will be those that can navigate the new world of customer acquisition and retention with agility. In this webcast, moderated by Insurance &

Webcast: Collaboration: A Critical Factor in Customer Experience Strategies

by Interactive IntelligenceMar 04, 2014

There’s a lot of buzz in the insurance industry around the concept of customer experience. But insurers working to enhance experience for policyholders and distributors often overlook the role that collaboration plays in this kind of initiative. Collaboration isn’t just about productivity – it is key to the kind of innovation around channels, communications and processes that shape the customer experience. However, collaboration continues to be an elusive goal for many

Webcast: How Cloud Facilitates an Agile Contact Center

by Interactive IntelligenceDec 06, 2013

Anytime, anywhere customer service expectations have upended many industries - and insurance is no exception. Policyholders expect to be able to reach out at any time, through any channel, and receive a high-quality experience, whether self-servicing contact information or looking to connect with a live agent to facilitate a purchase or a claim.

In this webcast, you will learn how a cloud model for contact center software deployment can help deliver the experience your customers

Webcast: Big Data and Customer Interaction Analytics:
How To Create An Innovative Customer Experience

by Interactive IntelligenceOct 31, 2013

Many insurers overlook the value of the data that exists in all types of interactions with policyholders, and have been hampered by a lack of tools that can help them go beyond administration system data to leverage the rich information that exists in interaction data.

New capabilities such as speech analytics and multi-channel interaction reporting can help carriers combine interaction data with administration system data to plan and implement a more valuable big data solution that