Whitepaper: Using Code42 to Recover From Ransomware

by Code42Oct 10, 2016

Ransomware infections are up 87% in the last year — more than 47% of businesses have already been a victim. Ransomware remediation is fast and easy; see how you can recover files from ransomware's grip.

Research Report: 2016 Cyberthreat Defense Report

by Code42Oct 10, 2016

Download the 2016 Code42 CDR Executive Brief to gain insights:

• Why 62% of organizations expect to be breached this year
• Which cyberthreats concern organizations the most in 2016
• The ineffectiveness of traditional endpoint security

Whitepaper: Protecting Data in the Age of Employee Churn

by Code42Oct 10, 2016

Employees often feel entitled to work they've created, ignore security policies, or take data they want. Get visibility and data management so data doesn't walk out the door. Download the white paper to learn how.

Research Report: Technology Spotlight: Endpoint Data Protection for Extensible DLP Strategies

by Code42Oct 10, 2016

Enterprise data travels to the far reaches of the globe on laptops, tablets and smartphones. Maintaining control and visibility can be a challenge. Read the paper to learn about endpoint data protection for DLP strategies.

Webcast: Security Update: Inside the Latest Threats

by Code42Oct 01, 2013

With Apple-ization, IT consumerization and BYOD comes an increase in security threats and a constantly changing threat landscape. Today's IT pros need to understand how cybercriminals target end-user devices and how to combat anything that threatens the critical data within the enterprise.

In this on-demand webinar, Sophos security expert John Shier explores how malware threats work, what you can do to protect your enterprise and users, and how other enterprise IT teams tackle today's heightened security threats while embracing Apple-ization.

John also gives a step-by-step demonstration of how a malware attack occurs, and presents compelling use cases for developing a complete security strategy.

Webcast: Mind the Gap! Embracing Enterprise Mobility Management

by Code42Oct 01, 2013

Employees working from mobile devices is an increasing challenge for enterprise IT, often driving a bigger wedge between employee expectations and IT deliverables. As a result, those of us in the IT trenches need to understand and embrace enterprise mobility management (EMM) concepts, including mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Transport for London's Jon Miller, head of mobility, digital asset management and the project management office, shares intimate knowledge of these specific mobile challenges; he recently led his organization's implementation of MDM and MAM for thousands of users, and shares his real-world perspective.

Jack Madden, enterprise mobility management expert at, also joins the conversation. Watch today!

Whitepaper: Enterprise Security Checklist

by Code42Oct 01, 2013

Don't be a target! With the onset of BYOD and IT consumerization, threats to your network security and sensitive corporate information are very real. But there are simple steps you can start implementing today to safeguard your IT environment against these increasing security threats by cybercriminals. Read this checklist to increase your security and update your processes for better protection.

Whitepaper: Enterprise Mobility Management Checklist

by Code42Oct 01, 2013

Mobility isn't just a hot topic. The enterprise mobility management (EMM) market is huge, with dozens of vendors and acronyms like MIM, MEM and MCM all claiming to address issues. But fear not! There are many ways you can address BYOD, keep users happy and still enact your own policies to better manage mobility in your enterprise environment. Read this checklist for must-have guidelines and considerations when implementing your own enterprise mobility management strategy.

Webcast: Client Management: Simplifying Life for System Admins

by Code42Sep 03, 2013

Corporate adoption of tablets and smartphones poses new challenges for IT admins in the quest to offer enterprise management capabilities. New machine deployment, software updates, new software distribution and issue resolution all play a part in successful client management.

For Tim Winningham at The Ohio State University, these tasks and more are a walk in the quad. Listen on-demand as he explains how implementing a client management strategy not only overcomes common Apple-ization challenges related to data protection and security, but also provides a downright cheery experience for faculty, staff and students. He also explains how:

• To utilize a framework to enforce software licensing compliance, security standards and energy usage
• To minimize liability via a comprehensive strategy to distribute software, and inventory, patch, provision, update and maintain clients
• Ohio State University streamlined client management with JAMF Software's Casper Suite and vastly improved life for system admins and end users.

Webcast: Endpoint Backup & Restore: Protect Everyone, Everywhere

by Code42Sep 03, 2013

Let's face it, users store business data on laptops and desktops, even if they're not supposed to. And mission-critical data-including sensitive, executive-level information-exists exclusively on these endpoint devices.

IT organizations unprepared to provide easy-to-use, easy-to-administer, cross-platform endpoint backup and restore are at risk for needless data loss and IT management nightmares.

Luckily, there's a way to quickly and easily protect endpoint data. Available now as an on-demand webinar, you can hear how Arek Sokol from the bleeding-edge IT team at Genentech/Roche leverages cross-platform enterprise endpoint backup in the public cloud as part of his company's global, "100% virtual" strategy. Sokol also discusses how an enterprise endpoint backup solution enables organizations to:

•Protect all data, regardless of platform
•Empower a single admin to easily support the backup needs of thousands of users
•Enable end users to quickly and easily restore data on their own, without help from IT
•Easily access protected data from any mobile device

Additionally, Arek explains why file sync/share is an inadequate backup alternative, and should be avoided at all costs.