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Whitepaper: Social Engineering Awareness White Paper

by EssextecOct 15, 2013

The only way to prevent a successful social engineering attack is training and education. The human element of security is often the weakest link in the security chain. As long as an organization's staff is educated, businesses will be fortified and defensive against attacks. Read more in this white paper from Essextec.

Whitepaper: X-Force Emerging Trends

by EssextecOct 15, 2013

A preemptive security approach requires industry-leading research, a keen eye for attack trends and techniques, and the ability to process and act upon this threat intelligence. Because the X-Force research and development team collects, correlates and analyzes threat information from thousands of customers around the world, it is able to identify new threats earlier. Organizations can leverage this data to help prevent security incidents and/or to minimize the impact of security attacks. Essextec provides the IBM X-Force Mid-Year Executive Report.

Whitepaper: Revisit Internal Policy for Changing Social Media Rules White Paper

by EssextecOct 15, 2013

Social media affects your entire organization's risk posture; it cannot be the sole responsibility of the marketing department. The organization's stakeholders need to determine how social media can contribute to the organization's needs without compromising security or legal requirements. By following these key principles, financial organizations can be ready for social media specific requirements when they are approved. Read more in this white paper from Essextec.