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Webcast: Using Security Visualization and Predictive Threat Modeling to Manage Network Complexity and Control Access Risk

by RedSeal NetworksNov 12, 2013

Financial institutions spend billions of dollars on firewalls, proxies, routers and other devices to prevent unauthorized access to their network, but security breaches continue to plague the industry.

While faced with a barrage of attacks, CISOs are dealing with increasingly complex networks due to the cumulative demands of users as well as connectivity requirements, business operations and regulatory compliance mandates. As a result of this increased complexity, financial organizations' IT resources are struggling to meet today's required security standards.
Join Wall Street & Technology senior editor Melanie Rodier and RedSeal Networks for this webcast, and learn how to:

  • Effectively pinpoint weaknesses and risk through complete end to end network visibility.
  • Proactively protect your network against security breaches and prioritize vulnerabilities for more effective remediation.
  • Gain the ability to comply with internal and external compliance requirements while cutting compliance costs.

Whitepaper: RedSeal Platform Datasheet

by RedSeal NetworksNov 05, 2013

The RedSeal Platform is a cyber-security intelligence system that is based on proactive end-to-end complex network modeling and analysis. It provides network, security, and risk management teams with a firm understanding of where security is working, where improvement is needed, and where greatest attack risks lie. RedSeal replaces blind security management with a platform that enables enterprises to visualize the network infrastructure; comply with regulatory and internal policies; and protect the enterprise's digital assets from attack.

The RedSeal Platform does all the magic without disturbing the network traffic. It imports the configuration of network devices (Routers, Switches, Firewall, Load Balancers, Wireless Controller etc.) via repositories or live connections, and then builds the "virtual reality" model of the network and apply sophisticated mathematical computations to figure out, for every endpoint, what can access what via what path. From there, the RedSeal Platform can do further analysis on risk and exposure by importing the vulnerability scan data and applying the access intelligence on it. As a result, users can use this analytical intelligence to instantly see what access violations are, what top exposures are and what the overall risk situation is.

Hundreds of enterprise and government agencies use RedSeal Platform today to continuously gain situation awareness of their network. RedSeal Networks is the leading provider of network infrastructure security management solutions that continuously provides network visualization and identify critical attack risk and non-compliance in complex security infrastructure.

Whitepaper: RedSeal Networks Customer Case Study - Polk

by RedSeal NetworksNov 05, 2013

Customer case study on Architecting Next Generation Security Management Infrastructure. RedSeal's automotive industry customer Polk faced the same the same fundamental IT security management challenges encountered by most enterprise organizations today - specifically those driven by increasing network infrastructure complexity and the emergence of more advanced attacks.

Polk needed to improve its ability to maintain continuous visibility into critical asset protection, and advance its efforts to achieve compliance with the ISO 27001 standard, among others. Polk sought added automation that would allow it to mature multiple security and vulnerability management processes.

Prior to RedSeal, the only way Polk could gain a detailed view into the current state of their security infrastructure was to ask the company's network team for a logical or physical diagram. Based on their static nature, the documents made for an ineffective instrument in attempting to gain insight into complex issue such as network change. Download this case study for more information on the implementation.

Webcast: Measuring And Reporting On Your Organization’s Security Posture

by RedSeal NetworksNov 25, 2013

How safe is our enterprise?  Unfortunately, answering that question is no simple task.

Join this webinar to see how you can:

  • Develop a baseline set of metrics to benchmark your enterprise’s security posture
  • Implement practical methods for reporting changes in security risk
  • Create benchmarks for accurately measuring the performance of your IT security team
  • Understand how new threat intelligence data may help you measure security posture
  • Improve your ability to harvest data from security systems and mine it for security posture reporting
  • Create methods for measuring security risks and performance that non-IT executives can understand

Gain the best methods for measuring security risk and benchmarking security performance over time.

Register for this webinar now.

Whitepaper: Five Steps to Understanding Big Data Security Analytics

by RedSeal NetworksNov 10, 2013

Read this data sheet if your organization is implementing a Big Data initiative. You'll need to replicate data from your legacy environment, which will demand a high level of visibility. And before you move any data, you'll want to design the architecture at the network layer to securely segment that data in the new production environment.

RedSeal makes Big Data security analytics initiatives easier by organizing past investments; providing actionable intelligence; and offering a staging platform for validating segmentation.

Whitepaper: Executive Guide to Pragmatic Network Security Management

by RedSeal NetworksNov 25, 2013

Managing network security at scale is not easy, but the organizations that do it best tend to follow a predictable, repeatable pattern. This paper distills those lessons into a pragmatic process designed for larger organizations and those with more complicated networks such as medium-sized businesses with multiple locations. We wouldn't claim our process is magical or easy, but it's certainly easier than many alternatives. Even if you only pick out a few tidbits, our process should help you refine and operate your network security more efficiently.

Network security management isn't easy, but there are more and less efficient ways to handle it. Knowing your posture and maintaining visibility are key, as are developing core workflows to bridge gaps between different operational teams. Network Security Operations monitors the environment and change requests to adapt the security posture as needed in a timely manner. It monitors for changes that slip past approval processes, develops workflows to handle the unexpected, and responds quickly when changes are requested to support other business areas. Finally, Network Security Operations understands that security policy changes impact other operations, and that it needs to analyze and communicate the potential implications.

Read this Executive Guide by Rich Mogull, Analyst and CEO, Securosis.

Whitepaper: Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation: Continuous Diagnostics Begins with RedSeal

by RedSeal NetworksNov 05, 2013

In any comprehensive cyber security program, especially for federal agencies and government contractors continuous monitoring is the fundamental building block and a core practice.

RedSeal is positioned to find and help eliminate gaps in one's security controls and, more importantly, prioritize or measure the impact of those gaps so that users can balance security investments with the highest return on those investments. RedSeal takes into account the underlying business value of enterprise/individual systems and assets, based on their importance to operations or retention of sensitive data, allowing users to prioritize mitigation even more effectively. The network mapping function is a wonderful visual representation of assets and the interconnections that may exist based on network and various controls in the environment. The ability to conduct a reachability study based on a threat and to determine where and how far that threat could propagate in an enterprise is a valuable analysis tool. This provides a great opportunity to mitigate either a threat or vulnerability before the actual compromise or exploit. The correlation capability of the RedSeal product takes a lot of the noise out of the traditional vulnerability scan process by providing a real risk priority based on the entire environment.

In this white paper you will learn how RedSeal's Continuous Monitoring Solution will help you gain near real-time visibility; understand threats in your environment, including found vulnerabilities and misconfigurations; comply with FISMA through automated asset, configuration, and vulnerability management.