ServiceNow is changing the way people work. By placing a service-oriented lens on the activities, tasks and processes that make up day-to-day work life, we help the modern enterprise operate fasterand be more scalable than ever before. As the enterprise cloud company, ServiceNow provides a service model that defines, structures and automates the flow of work, removing email and spreadsheets from the process to streamline the delivery of services.

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Whitepaper: The New ITSM: Empowered by Integrated Operations

by ServiceNowOct 12, 2015

IT service management (ITSM) is generally defined as a process-based practice designed to align the delivery of information technology (IT) services with the needs of the enterprise and of IT customers. However, new research from EMA confirms what some in the industry have already begun to suspect: ITSM is emerging as a center of governance and control, as well as automation and insight, across all of IT. This white paper discusses the trends and requirements surrounding integrated operations with ITSM based on recent EMA data, as well as ongoing industry dialogs.

Whitepaper: Boost IT Visibility and Business Value with Service Catalog

by ServiceNowOct 12, 2015

Decision makers at many organizations question the investments made in IT. This is often because they do not fully understand the value delivered by IT service management (ITSM) or by compliance with recommended best practices such as those defined by the IT Infrastructure Library or ITIL. This often pressures CIOs to demonstrate the value of IT to the business. This white paper describes how creating a great service catalog can help alleviate these pressures and why many consider it to be fundamental to any IT improvement initiative.

Whitepaper: On the Radar: ServiceNow Express - ServiceNow for the SME and mid-market

by ServiceNowOct 12, 2015

ServiceNows Express offering is aimed at satisfying some of the common needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. The growth rate at many organizations is accelerating. Targeting such businesses, while many are still considered small or mid-market, means ServiceNow is offering a solution that can be adopted in the early stages of a business life and is able to grow as the organizations needs increase. This solution is not one to be adopted only by those in the mid-market, however. Express also appeals to larger organizations with immature ITSM processes that may find it difficult to source the budget for investment in extensive ITSM functionality.

Research Report: Shadow IT: The Impact on Technical Support and the Opportunities for IT

by ServiceNowAug 12, 2015

As the mobile workforce has become the norm, the speed of communication has increased and the needs of collaborative (and remote) teams have expanded. Consequently, end users' expectations of workplace technology are higher than ever before. From students to executives, finding solutions to improve efficiency, productivity, and communication has become vital. These end users are trying to excel in their work, and while they don't mean to cause harm, in most organizations this desire leads to the use of applications, services, and data storage and sharing beyond IT's boundaries. This practice, known as "shadow IT", walks a line that information security officers are uncomfortable with, and it's having an obvious impact on technical support teams.

Whitepaper: IT Service Management: Less is More

by ServiceNowAug 12, 2015

How many help desks do you have in your business right now? How many IT service management tools, or versions of the same business application is your organization using right now? If the answer to any of these is greater than one, your organization may be operating with a handicap that hinders agility, responsiveness and competitive success. Read this paper to learn how and when to consolidate your service management options.

Whitepaper: Tackling the Top 3 IT Service Management Challenges

by ServiceNowAug 12, 2015

You know more than anyone that managing the IT service desk is a challenging job—and one that's getting more demanding by the day. New devices and apps, mobility, distributed networks and an increasingly IT-savvy user-base all add to the pressure on your processes and budgets. Because of this, IT is now faced with a growing inability to service the demand that users are generating, and lack efficient ways to keep pace. But there's light on the horizon. In this eBook, we'll outline the three areas in which you can make significant improvements to IT service management, and show you some of the ways you can get there. Service management—when done right—can do more than save money and time. It can transform IT departments into 'can-do' teams, and put an end to slow fixes and frustrated users.

Whitepaper: Get to the Root of Your Business Service Quality Issues

by ServiceNowJun 09, 2015

Delivering high-quality business services consistently is the single biggest challenge that IT organizations face. They are caught in a perfect storm of ever-increasing business demands, constant change, and limited information to accomplish their mission. In this white paper, learn how the agile delivery of high-quality business services can create competitive advantage and drive profitability.

Whitepaper: The Future of IT: From Chaos to Service Automation

by ServiceNowSep 15, 2014

Enterprises all over the world are transforming IT by adopting service automation tools and processes, making teams more innovative and efficient. CIOs can shift their attention from maintenance to service, effectively changing enterprise IT from the department of no to the department of Now
Service automation tools and processes provide IT value by:

• Consolidating fragmented and redundant service systems
• Standardizing operational processes
• Creating a single system of record for IT

Download this paper to see how your team can make access to enterprise systems easy and intuitive while freeing up your team to focus on projects that matter most.

Whitepaper: BUILD A BUSINESS CASE: Intuitive and Innovative Approaches to Developing Custom Apps Quickly, Easily and Cost Effectively

by ServiceNowSep 15, 2014

Custom applications deliver significant value and they provide the opportunity to automate unstructured work processes to make the business far more innovative, efficient and competitive.

Whitepaper: Service Automation Solves Process of Onboarding New Retailers

by ServiceNowSep 02, 2014

Carhartt wanted to create a fully automated process that was measurable and provided new levels of transparency. Accomplishing this would certainly speed the overall process, make it more scalable to support the company’s continued growth, reduce costs and create happier customers (and employees). Download this whitepaper to learn more!