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Whitepaper: The Top Ten Myths About Full Disk Encryption

by GuardianEdge TechnologiesJan 01, 2008

Oracle Application Server 10g is a fully featured application server consisting of a very large number of sub-products. Nearly all of these sub-products depend on the HTTP server since HTTP is the dominant protocol in which Application Servers communicate to outside entities. The Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) provides key infrastructure for serving the Internet?s HTTP protocol. OHS is used to return responses for both Process-to-Process and human generated requests from browsers. Key aspects of OHS are its technology, its serving of both static and dynamic content and its integration with both Oracle and non-Oracle products.

Whitepaper: California’s S.B. 1386 Requires Notification of Customers When Unencrypted Data Are Stolen: Law Exempts Encrypted Data

by GuardianEdge TechnologiesJan 01, 2008

A new California privacy law, commonly referred to as ""SB 1386"" and formally a part of California’s Civil Code, Sections 1798.29 and 1798.82-84, requires those that store perceptive personal information - including government agencies, businesses, and persons engaged in business activities - to notify California residents when that data has been, or may have been, accessed without endorsement The purpose of the new law is to give California residents adequate time to take steps to check their credit ratings and protect against identity theft.

Whitepaper: The Encryption Anywhere Data Protection Platform

by GuardianEdge TechnologiesJan 01, 2008

Traditional encryption software solutions do not possess the integrated and interoperable device/platform management capabilities that are necessary for managing vulnerability at the enterprise level. As a consequence, most IT security managers use encryption on a limited basis for a select number of devices. This White Paper explains how GuardianEdge Technologies is working to remove the obstacles to enterprise-wide encryption with the Encryption Anywhere data protection platform, a modular framework that unifies all encryption services under a unified architecture while harnessing existing native network services and management tools.