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Whitepaper: Overcoming Security Woes to Expand Mobile Adoption

by VMware / CarahsoftDec 15, 2014

By recasting mobile devices as simple points of access to applications and data, agencies can reduce risks and control costs. Read this paper to learn more.

Whitepaper: The Anywhere, Anytime College Experience

by VMware / CarahsoftNov 18, 2014

As technology advances and students remain on the cutting edge, colleges and universities have no choice but to keep up. While the changes in culture, strategy, and technology take some adjustment, the advances also ultimately benefit the institutions and their staff by improving efficiency, enhancing security, and bolstering management capabilities.

Whitepaper: Helping Government Case Workers Help Citizens

by VMware / CarahsoftNov 18, 2014

By providing case workers with mobile devices or allowing them to use their own to access data, files, and virtual desktops, agencies will save money, simplify IT management, reduce the burden on IT staff, increase security, and help ensure case worker safety. But most importantly, enhanced mobility empowers case workers to do what they were hired to do--help the citizens of their communities.

Whitepaper: Weathering the Storm: How Cloud Management Can Align Competing C-Suite Priorities

by VMware / CarahsoftFeb 05, 2014

Despite varying perspectives, one can be sure that a change in the dynamic of the C-suite would create new questions on the way agencies manage their IT investments, especially cloud computing. As agencies move more of their mission critical workloads to the cloud, the alignment of priorities in the C-suite will make for a much smoother transition.

Whitepaper: Catching the Tide: VMware IT as a Service

by VMware / CarahsoftFeb 05, 2014

This paper discusses how the evolution to IT as a Service goes beyond alignment with business goals and is poised to drive business goals in an alliance with government leaders.

Whitepaper: Hybrid Cloud Brochure

by VMware / CarahsoftFeb 05, 2014

Learn how VMware hybrid cloud services and solutions enable organizations to extend their data centers to the cloud with confidence, without having to change their applications or infrastructure

Whitepaper: Moving To Hybrid Cloud: Top 5 Considerations

by VMware / CarahsoftFeb 05, 2014

Here are the top five considerations to keep in mind as you begin evaluating hybrid cloud for your organization?s workloads.

Whitepaper: CDE Research Report: Mobility and Cloud

by VMware / CarahsoftFeb 05, 2014

This paper discusses shifting campus and classrooms to cloud and mobility-enabled learning models.