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Select Business Solutions is a leading international software company with customers drawn from the Global 1000. Select provides comprehensive solutions consisting of tools and services for information access and enterprise reporting, as well as business critical IT software development, deployment and management.

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Whitepaper: CBR Most Influential 10

by Select Business SolutionsJan 01, 2008

This paper talks about CBR Most Influential 10. The CBR 10, for the most part, does not claim to use a strict, quantitative methodology. Ranking vendors strictly by their total sales or by their estimated market share is all very well, but that’s not their main goal with this report. IBM and Microsoft have a healthy element of competition, working together to get standards developed and in some cases ratified by standards bodies. That makes it harder for the rest of the industry to set their own roadmaps.

Whitepaper: Best Practices in Software Testing for Service and Component Based Systems

by Select Business SolutionsJan 01, 2008

S&CBD addresses today’s Business & IT challenges, not just in terms of delivering complex and integrated systems, but also creating levels of quality crucial to any business. This is achieved by leveraging the incremental and iterative nature of S&CBD and the rigorous architectural principles. This paper is intended for Testing Managers, Test Analysts and Testers who wish to leverage the benefits that S&CBD offers in terms of raising the quality stakes. The testing approach should be inextricably linked to the development process, therefore a wider audience of Project Managers, Analysts, Architects and Developers will also benefit.

Whitepaper: UltraQuest Gateway

by Select Business SolutionsJan 01, 2008

The UltraQuest Server can be configured to allow direct two-tier access (Web browsers to the host) or to allow access only through an intermediate gateway. In both cases, transaction processing remains on the mainframe - where the data is, and where it can be most effectively performed and shared. The direct mainframe access of the two-tier solution offers its own benefits, including simpler configuration, less impact on non-mainframe resources, easier deployment of applications.

Whitepaper: Select Business Solutions an Architected Approach for Microsoft .NET Development

by Select Business SolutionsJan 01, 2008

Computing is fast becoming distributed, fuelled largely by the Internet. Demands on computing from the Business require system integration in support of end-to-end processes, in a robust flexible manner. The challenge is to find better, quicker ways of developing such distributed systems. The key to success is the ability to define and create an architecture that will provide the flexibility and the capability to integrate many disparate systems. This paper explains the architectural emphasis of Select Perspective, in particular the Technical Architecture showing how architectural principles are applied to developing distributed systems for Microsoft .NET.

Whitepaper: Extreme Programming and Select Business Solutions

by Select Business SolutionsJan 01, 2008

Extreme Programming (XP) is an agile software methodology that is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. This paper describes how the Select Business Solutions product set relates to the principles of Extreme Programming. Considering that extreme programming is based on the extreme adoption of recognized software development best practices, there has been a bewildering backlash against it. It could be argued that many of those sniping at extreme programming had a hidden agenda, and that the backlash was lead by traditional software companies with legacy products to sell.

Whitepaper: Software Reuse: Measuring Return on Investment

by Select Business SolutionsJan 01, 2008

The provision of services is an investment in reusable software. Given an investment, the expectation must be to achieve a return on that investment in the future. The continued justification of service delivery relies on accurately measuring the Return On Investment (ROI) so that the benefits derived from the service-oriented architecture are quantified. Understanding where savings can be realized is a vital first step in measuring the ROI. Sometimes, of course, savings can be made very early after the adoption of a service-oriented approach.

Whitepaper: Introduction to Components

by Select Business SolutionsJan 01, 2008

This paper published by Select Business Solutions, develops a component definition that is concise and robust in all circumstances for the purposes by investigating dictionary definitions and comparing the use of components in other industries with that in the software development industry. In addition, it discusses the potential advantages and common pitfalls of using such technology for software development.

Whitepaper: Components and Services

by Select Business SolutionsJan 01, 2008

The component-based developers have emphasized the importance of process, particularly the concept of Supply-Manage-Consume (SMaC) as the central mechanism for ensuring the highest possible levels of reuse and the practical coordination of supply and demand for components. In contrast, web service architects have focused on technical standards for the publication and reuse of services without developing a clear process-based view. This paper examines the differences in terminology and architecture in the component-based and web service schools. It discusses how the differences - particularly the terminological differences - can be reconciled.

Whitepaper: Select JSync

by Select Business SolutionsJan 01, 2008

Once the applications are deployed, the underlying business requirements often change. Select JSync includes round-trip engineering technology that resolves model and code divergence, allowing changes to flow in both directions. Select JSync also allows direct mapping of application objects modeled in Select Component Architect to Java as well as seamless roundtrip code generation. Select JSync gives the user everything they need to generate and synchronize Java Code with their Select Component Architect Model. As part of Select Component Factory, Select JSync plays a significant role in ensuring the quality and productivity of the Java Development.

Whitepaper: Select ForteSync

by Select Business SolutionsJan 01, 2008

Select ForteSync’s automated code generation from one?s business models and full reverse engineering take advantage of Forte repository functionality, including support for the advanced properties of Forte classes. Select ForteSync allows both automatic and incremental generation of Forte Tool code from the class models and reverse engineering to synchronize or initiate models. These models can then be used to move forward with Forte, or another software development language Select ForteSync generates and roundtrip engineers Forte code, ensuring the application design and model are synchronized and immediately ready to support ongoing development tasks.