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Whitepaper: Wireless Data Throughput Orange Paper: Data Connect Enterprise Solutions

by Cingular WirelessJan 13, 2012

Enterprise process requirements that include retrieval of data residing on systems behind a Corporate firewall will find that the Data Connect solution employing VPN and Data Acceleration yields Fast, Secure, Reliable and Accurate service to and from enabled laptop and handheld devices. Technical Overviews like this one tend to deliver knowledge at a high level and typically generate detailed questions specific to particular enterprise hardware, network, and software configurations.

Whitepaper: Driving Efficiencies With Real-Time Wireless Data: A Wireless Primer for Transportation and Logistics

by Cingular WirelessJan 12, 2012

Real-time information means better routing, lower fuel costs, more deliveries per day, and reduced labor costs. Automation brings reduced reliance on paper manifests, driver logs and other critical documentation, meaning drivers can spend time driving rather than on paperwork. By making real-time information available to customers, transportation and logistics firms can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. All this is possible with real-time wireless data solutions for transportation and