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Whitepaper: Knowledge Weaving: Supporting Effective and Affective Interactions in the Call Centre

by British TelecommunicationsJan 01, 2008

One of the main roles of a call centre advisor is to serve as an interpreter between customers and the data held within the company systems. To be able to talk to customers, solve problems and develop relationships, call centre advisors need to be equipped with technologies that will help them understand who the customer is, allow them to speak knowledgeably about a complex and often ever expanding set of products and services and negotiate a minefield of legalities, processes and procedures. This paper considers how knowledge, and problem solving styles need to be weaved into the advisors’ daily tasks.

Whitepaper: Implementing Mobility Solutions in the Pharmaceutical Sector: Strategies and Key Success Factors

by British TelecommunicationsJan 01, 2008

Companies in the pharmaceutical industry are already significant investors in mobile technology and services, with this now accounting on average for more than 10% of their total spending on Information Communications Technology (ICT) budget. The level of investment is now rising further as pharma businesses take advantage of new mobile data solutions, both for general applications such as e-mail and intranet access but also for more targeted applications, for example those focused on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Force Automation (SFA).

Whitepaper: Airlines Fly High On Frame Relay Expertise And Global Reach

by British TelecommunicationsJan 01, 2008

Global airline and aviation data service suppliers, ARINC, has expanded its global reach, increased operational efficiencies and saved up to 40% in data networking costs. Based in the US, ARINC wanted to improve its global competitiveness, and it had to move away from its ageing, highly duplicated networks with multiple protocols, and develop a strategy for migrating to an IP-based ARINC Global Network (AGN). The new Frame Relay solution provides ARINC with a modern, global telecommunication infrastructure that has vastly increased its operational efficiencies and enabled it to position itself more effectively to capture a larger market share.