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Webroot provides industry-leading web and e-mail security solutions to consumers and businesses across the world. The company's newest offering, software-as-a-service (SaaS), eliminates the need for companies to invest in and maintain their own security hardware and software. Instead, Webroot provides award-winning protection in the cloud, allowing both on-site and remote users to stay protected. Webroot E-Mail Security SaaS blocks spam and viruses and allows for content filtering, encryption, archiving and more. Webroot Web Security SaaS provides proactive protection against viruses, spyware and inappropriate online usage. To find out more, visit or call 866.915.3208.

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Whitepaper: The Unique Challenge of Spyware: Important Differences to Know About Spyware and Viruses

by Webroot SoftwareJan 01, 2008

Spyware is uniquely difficult to identify and it becomes entangled in the systems it infects, making its removal extremely complicated. Spyware’s impact can be dramatically different from that of viruses, resulting in significant loss to theft of assets and decreased productivity. Dealing with spyware is a complex challenge that requires specialized techniques. This paper published by Webroot Software examines the differences between spyware and computer viruses.

Whitepaper: Anti-Spyware Software: Securing the Enterprise Network

by Webroot SoftwareJan 01, 2008

Spyware is a categorical name for any program that tracks user’s online activities and secretly transmits information to a third party. The effects of spyware range from annoying interruptions, like pop-up ads, to security breaches and loss of intellectual property. In the last few years, multiple anti-spyware products have been introduced to the marketplace; however, these tools have been designed for desktop users and have not been scalable to corporations. As enterprise anti-spyware products begin to emerge and the spyware threat continues to grow, corporations need to quickly establish a strategy for handling the threat.

Whitepaper: State of Internet Security: Protecting the Perimeter

by Webroot SoftwareOct 02, 2008

Protecting the Perimeter is quickly becoming a critical point of protection for today�s business. Many fundamental business activities - marketing, advertising, customer support, research - are Web dependent. Making the Web the number one delivery method for malware which poses a significant security challenge to businesses of all sizes.

In this State of the Internet Security Webroot delivers the results of its survey of Web security decision makers in the US, UK, Australia and Canada and found that the while the Web is widely understood as the primary attack vector, businesses still have gaping holes in their security strategy. The report discusses security best practices for Protecting the Perimeter to keep your business and your network safe.

Whitepaper: SaaS Secures in Uncertain Times

by Webroot SoftwareMar 02, 2009

In a tight economy, IT managers are faced with more challenges than ever. Budgets are shrinking, web and email threats are increasing, and administrators are tasked with providing more support with fewer people. As organizations rethink how they manage critical functions like Web and email security, industry experts are recommending the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. Learn how you can save money and simplify management with Webroot Security SaaS.

Whitepaper: The Critical Need for Encrypted Email and File Transfer Solutions

by Webroot SoftwareOct 02, 2009

Email has become more than a means of communication. It has also become the default file transport mechanism within your organization. Its ease of use has made it simple to transfer files both within and outside the enterprise. As the value of the information contained in email attachments grows in importance, so does the need to effectively secure that information. A dedicated file transfer system can address many of the issues associated with email attachments by encrypting, sending, tracking and auditing the transfer of files.

Whitepaper: Safe Email - Seven Important Tips for Better Email Security in 2009

by Webroot SoftwareOct 02, 2009

Unwanted email puts every organization at risk. Sixty-two trillion spam messages went out last year alone. The well-financed perpetrators of these attacks employ ever more sophisticated techniques, straining staffs and budgets, and driving companies to find ways to protect themselves from the damage these emails cause.

In this paper, you will learn how Best-in-Class companies protect themselves from email vulnerabilities, successfully reducing the number of email attacks, the lost business due to false positives, and financial loss stemming from email-related incidents.

Whitepaper: State of Internet Security

by Webroot SoftwareOct 02, 2009

Marketing. Advertising. Research. The Web has become the center of many fundamental business activities. Not coincidentally, it has also become the main source of malware. However, many businesses have not recognized this fact. They continue to dedicate most of their security resources to email defenses. Yet, email only makes up about 15% of incoming malware. It's the other 85% that comes via the Web that needs your attention. A robust Software-as-a-Security perimeter solution, together with desktop protection, will effectively protect your enterprise against Web-based threats.

Whitepaper: Why SMBs Should Seriously Consider Hosted Services

by Webroot SoftwareSep 08, 2010

SMBs face enormous business and technology challenges, but they cannot afford to address them adequately using on-premise infrastructure. The answer to these problems is to use hosted services for security and other applications. These services offer a number of advantages, not least of which is the dramatically reduced cost per seat for network security, while providing better protection than SMBs could achieve using infrastructure that they deploy on-premise.

Read this white paper to discover the important benefits that an SMB can realize from the use of hosted services, in greater depth.

Whitepaper: Why Security SaaS Makes Sense Today

by Webroot SoftwareSep 08, 2010

Corporate IT teams are waging a significant security battle on two fronts these days: stopping attacks via the Web and through email. The more complex these threats become the more infrastructure companies have to bring in house, sending capital expenditures through the roof. In fact, companies are seeing drawbacks to owning and managing their own security infrastructure. Security SaaS solves this problem.

This white paper discusses the top seven reasons why security SaaS makes sense.

Whitepaper: Why Web Security is Best Served in the Cloud

by Webroot SoftwareSep 08, 2010

Discover how organizations will benefit from tighter security and lower costs by deploying cloud-based Web security. Examine detailed benefits and advantages over on-premise solutions.