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Webroot provides industry-leading web and e-mail security solutions to consumers and businesses across the world. The company's newest offering, software-as-a-service (SaaS), eliminates the need for companies to invest in and maintain their own security hardware and software. Instead, Webroot provides award-winning protection in the cloud, allowing both on-site and remote users to stay protected. Webroot E-Mail Security SaaS blocks spam and viruses and allows for content filtering, encryption, archiving and more. Webroot Web Security SaaS provides proactive protection against viruses, spyware and inappropriate online usage. To find out more, visit or call 866.915.3208.

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Whitepaper: A Smarter Solution to Malware Prevention

by Webroot SoftwareNov 01, 2014

Traditional endpoint security has failed to keep up with today's threats and is exposing organizations to unacceptable levels of risk. It's time for smarter, next-generation malware prevention to replace or supplement traditional defenses. New approaches to malware can wrest back control and give security administrators greater visibility and control over their endpoints at a lower cost than traditional solutions. This paper looks at the endpoint threats organizations are facing, the means to combat those threats, and why next-generation, cloud-driven protection offers the smartest way to prevent endpoint malware infections.

Whitepaper: Why Your Next Generation Firewall Protection Isn't Enough

by Webroot SoftwareNov 01, 2014

Enterprise security organizations face a daily onslaught of external attacks. According to a recent survey by IBM X-Force and Verizon's 2014 Data Breach Report, 92% of attacks being perpetrated are by outsiders. Because of this, organizations have to focus on how these attacks successfully penetrate their network perimeter security defenses. Many organizations have invested in next generation firewalls (NGFWs) to protect them from network-based attacks.

Whitepaper: Detect and Investigate Malicious IP Activities in SIEM with Predictive Threat Intelligence

by Webroot SoftwareOct 01, 2014

Malicious IPs are a new and growing problem for enterprises. To effectively defend against these malicious IPs, enterprises need to augment their SIEM solutions with real-time predictive threat Intelligence so they can detect attacks from unknown IPs as early as possible and respond to them before they lead to more severe incidents and costly breaches.

Whitepaper: Beyond the Wall: Security in a Post-Perimeter World

by Webroot SoftwareOct 06, 2010

Walls have served multiple purposes throughout history. The Great Wall of China defended against invaders, while the Berlin Wall kept citizens from freely traveling beyond the control of their rulers.

Network security relies on similar premises. For years network security professionals touted �perimeter security� as the primary solution to keep the bad guys out and the good guys in. However, just as guns and air attacks overcame protective walls,changes in malware attacks have rendered network firewalls and perimeter-centric security an ineffective defense.

Simultaneously, the increasingly mobile workforce makes an on-premise approach even more futile. Walls can no longer keep the bad guys out, nor can they keep the good guys in.

Welcome to the post-perimeter world.

Whitepaper: Why SMBs Should Seriously Consider Hosted Services

by Webroot SoftwareSep 08, 2010

SMBs face enormous business and technology challenges, but they cannot afford to address them adequately using on-premise infrastructure. The answer to these problems is to use hosted services for security and other applications. These services offer a number of advantages, not least of which is the dramatically reduced cost per seat for network security, while providing better protection than SMBs could achieve using infrastructure that they deploy on-premise.

Read this white paper to discover the important benefits that an SMB can realize from the use of hosted services, in greater depth.

Whitepaper: Why Security SaaS Makes Sense Today

by Webroot SoftwareSep 08, 2010

Corporate IT teams are waging a significant security battle on two fronts these days: stopping attacks via the Web and through email. The more complex these threats become the more infrastructure companies have to bring in house, sending capital expenditures through the roof. In fact, companies are seeing drawbacks to owning and managing their own security infrastructure. Security SaaS solves this problem.

This white paper discusses the top seven reasons why security SaaS makes sense.

Whitepaper: Why Web Security is Best Served in the Cloud

by Webroot SoftwareSep 08, 2010

Discover how organizations will benefit from tighter security and lower costs by deploying cloud-based Web security. Examine detailed benefits and advantages over on-premise solutions.

Whitepaper: The Critical Need to Secure the Web in Your Company

by Webroot SoftwareSep 08, 2010

The Web and Web 2.0 applications, while very useful, also present a significant risk to any organization. The development of increasingly sophisticated exploits by hackers and other cybercriminals, coupled with the deployment of less robust Web-focused defenses compared to defenses for email, mean that Web exploits will grow in number and severity for the foreseeable future.

This white paper discusses the key issues surrounding Web security and the need for organizations of all sizes to implement robust Web security processes and technologies � namely, a secure Web gateway.

Whitepaper: The Importance of a Complete, Layered Security Solution

by Webroot SoftwareSep 08, 2010

IT security has never been easy to manage, but the difficulty and expense are growing due to three converging trends: malware sophistication, increasing spam volume, and the growing number of network ingress points. The result is that organizations of all sizes are increasingly susceptible to loss of sensitive and confidential data.

This white paper focuses on the growing threatscape and the importance of viewing archiving as a key part of an organization's security posture, along with recommendations on reducing costs and improving archiving capabilities.

Whitepaper: The Critical Need for Encrypted Email and File Transfer Solutions

by Webroot SoftwareOct 02, 2009

Email has become more than a means of communication. It has also become the default file transport mechanism within your organization. Its ease of use has made it simple to transfer files both within and outside the enterprise. As the value of the information contained in email attachments grows in importance, so does the need to effectively secure that information. A dedicated file transfer system can address many of the issues associated with email attachments by encrypting, sending, tracking and auditing the transfer of files.