Socialtext transforms business processes and organizational culture by bringing collaboration and social networking to the enterprise. Founded in 2002, Socialtext was the first organization to deliver an Enterprise Social Software platform.

Socialtext has a full social feature set that enables employees to share vital information and collaborate on projects. By unlocking knowledge, expertise, ideas and information, Socialtext eliminates organizational silos and connects employees.

Socialtext provides a variety of flexible deployment options that meet the highest security requirements, including a behind-the-firewall virtual appliance. Built on a flexible, web-oriented architecture, Socialtext integrates with virtually any traditional system of record (CRM and ERP), document management systems including Netdocuments and SharePoint.

Ranked as a Gartner "Visionary" for 4 years running, Socialtext deployments deliver measurable improvement to every aspect of business, including HR and learning, communications, sales and marketing, product management, IT, support, and customer collaboration.

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Whitepaper: 6 Ways to Achieve Business Goals from Social Software

by SocialtextJul 17, 2012

This practical guide shows you six different ways to achieve your business goals using social software. It will help you choose the best social software approach for your enterprise - with the right balance of risk and reward - so you can get the business results you're looking for.

In this whitepaper, you'll learn how to:

� Choose the right implementation strategy

� Understand and manage organizational risks

� Achieve specific business goals using social software

This paper also gives real-world examples of companies that chose each of the different approaches, and the actual results they achieved.