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Fujitsu America, Inc. is a leading ICT solutions provider for organizations in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean. Fujitsu enables clients to meet their business objectives through integrated offerings and solutions, including consulting, systems integration, managed services, outsourcing and cloud services for infrastructure, platforms and applications; data center and field services; and server, storage, software and mobile/tablet technologies. For more information, please visit:http://solutions.us.fujitsu.com and http://twitter.com/fujitsuamerica

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Webcast: Crossing the Next Frontier of Business Process Management - Introducing Process Intelligence

by Fujitsu America Inc.Sep 01, 2014

To be successful in today's increasingly competitive and uncertain business world, best-in-class organizations focus on process improvement to increase productivity, lower costs, improve customer experience, and gain competitive advantage. Until now, these initiatives have required considerable manual effort for process investigation, and companies have been unable to effectively visualize key processes across the enterprise silos. Overcoming these challenges requires powerful data collection

Whitepaper: Case Study: Business Process Discovery and Improvement at Leading U.S. Bank

by Fujitsu America Inc.Aug 28, 2014

At the close of 2008, after the tumultuous financial crisis afflicting Wall Street, a leading U.S. bank had completed U.S. government sponsored acquisitions of a prominent investment bank and a large mortgage lender. Through these acquisitions the bank had become a much larger organization with many areas of redundancy, including what they had determined to be a bloated technology infrastructure and headcount levels.

In order to improve efficiency, reduce headcounts and manual

Whitepaper: Executive Guide to Agile BPM - A Readiness Assessment

by Fujitsu America Inc.Aug 24, 2014

For years, business process management (BPM) solutions have focused primarily on long-running, routine, and seldom-changing processes. BPM has successfully guided system integration and provided business intelligence and monitoring for a wide variety of predictable, repetitive tasks and activities.

But in this era of information-driven enterprises, routine automation is no longer enough. BPM must become smarter and nimbler. You need it to address your non-routine, ad-hoc processes

Whitepaper: WHITE PAPER: Enabling Process Intelligence Through Process Mining & Analytics

by Fujitsu America Inc.Aug 18, 2014

Are you searching for methods to readily identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies in your critical business processes?? Do you find it is difficult and costly to conduct process investigation in order to visualize the process flows?

To be successful in today's increasingly transparent and competitive business world, organizations need to provide visibility into business processes while optimizing their use of internal resources to improve business performance. Accomplishing these goals

Whitepaper: Case Study: A Multinational Energy Company Utilizes Automated Process Discovery Technology to Improve its Plant Operations

by Fujitsu America Inc.Aug 18, 2014

Gaining true visibility into the critical business processes of an organization is not an easy task. Identifying the root causes of the process bottlenecks and inefficiencies can be extremely difficult and costly.

Due to lack of visibility into operational processes, a multinational oil and gas company with over 100 years of history and more than 15,000 employees experienced significant delays and other inefficiencies which were impacting the company's Enterprise Asset Management

Whitepaper: All In One Start Up Cloud Infrastructure Solution - Fujitsu Cloud Starter Kit

by Fujitsu America Inc.Jun 24, 2014

Setting up a private cloud infrastructure can be a daunting task, and IT is often unsure how to begin. The Fujitsu Cloud Starter Kit simplifies a private cloud implementation with an all-in-one solution that provides an easy-to-manage and reliable cloud infrastructure with minimum deployment effort.

This pre-tested solution provides configuration templates for server, storage, network, virtualization and cloud resource management software. This will allow the customer to remove the

Whitepaper: White Paper: Cloud Computing - Creating Value For Businesses Across The Globe

by Fujitsu America Inc.Jun 24, 2014

The information and communication technologies (ICT) industry is undergoing a paradigm shift in the way computing resources are procured. Cloud computing is emerging as a key area of focus for business leaders and technology decision makers due to its support for driving innovation; its ability to save costs; increase business agility and deliver IT in an on-demand manner. The use of cloud services has increased significantly over the last couple years with more than half the enterprises today

Whitepaper: White Paper: Straight Talk - How to Cut Through Cloud Complexity and Implement Successful Cloud Solutions in your Company

by Fujitsu America Inc.Jun 24, 2014

If your company is serious about competing in the marketplace, the cloud represents your best way to transform IT to support your company's most urgent business needs. However, the cloud is complex. As revealed in a recent Frost & Sullivan survey of cloud decision-makers, the majority of enterprise IT decision-makers face obstacles in their efforts to make cloud decisions. In fact, most decision-makers believe that cloud decisions are even more complex in their own companies than other companies

Whitepaper: White Book : Cloud Security - The Definitive Guide to Managing Risk in the New ICT Landscape

by Fujitsu America Inc.Jun 22, 2014

Cloud computing is demonstrating its potential to transform the way IT-based services are delivered to organizations, the journey to cloud is no longer question of "if" but rather "when", and a large number of enterprises have already travelled some way down this path.

However, there is one overwhelming question that is still causing many CIOs and their colleagues to delay their move to cloud: Is cloud computing secure? As many unwary businesses have found to their cost in recent high

Whitepaper: White Book: Cloud Adoption - The Definitive Guide to a Business Technology Revolution

by Fujitsu America Inc.Jun 22, 2014

Cloud is a huge step change in the way IT-based services are delivered, and one that will provide substantial business benefits through reduced capital expenditure and increased business agility. As ever, any topic with this much hype heightens expectations, thereby creating a challenge for CIOs. The key issue that every CIO must address is how and where we adopt cloud services so they maximize the benefits to our organizations and customers.

This Fujitsu White Book of Cloud Adoption,