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Research Report: The State of Salesforce 2015, Financial Services Edition

by BluewolfOct 23, 2014

Based on data collected in collaboration with MIT Sloan, Bluewolf's State of Salesforce: Financial Services Edition shows how the best insurance and financial services companies are leveraging Salesforce to respond to digital disruption and deliver against customer's rising expectations.


  • Companies are embracing the Salesforce1 Platform: Mobile, analytics, and industry specific solutions are top investments
  • Budgets are on the rise: 72% will increase their investment in Salesforce in the coming year
  • Investment in Salesforce yields results: 61% cite Salesforce driving top-line growth or bottom line savings

Webcast: How Insurers Can Unlock the Value of Relationships

by BluewolfSep 11, 2014

Customer experience and client relationships are the foundation to any successful insurance organization. Carriers that deliver and maintain a premium customer experience have a competitive advantage, capture market share and impacting profitability. By surpassing service expectations, carriers can experience increased customer loyalty, reduced churn, and greater walletshare.

Using the wealth of available customer data, carriers can leverage analytics to provide actionable insight that can significantly enhance relationships between both their customers and partners. What measures do insurers need to take to optimize these relationships?

Join Insurance & Technology for a free, one-hour webinar to learn the current best practices for unlocking the value of customer, producer and partner relationships.

  • Discover how to proactively prepare your environment for analytics by identifying desired business outcomes, breaking through common roadblocks, procuring executive buy-in and more;
  • Learn how Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection has successfully leveraged data to boost customer experience and relationships, relationships to achieve efficiencies while increasing customer satisfaction;
  • Get an update on the tools and technologies that can help insurers facilitate communications with customers and various stakeholders across channels, improving client relationships and providing a competitive edge, while also enabling easier regulatory compliance.

Whitepaper: Insurance in the Cloud: A Customer Focused Approach to Innovation

by BluewolfJul 22, 2014

72% of financial services companies will increase their cloud-related budget this year.

Learn how insurance companies like The Standard and The Hanover Insurance Group are overcoming industry challenges and leveraging cloud technology to quickly and effectively:

  • Deliver frictionless customer experience
  • Collaborate across departments to increase cross-sell opportunities
  • Increase speed-to-market and differentiate through technology innovation
  • Reduce costs while maintain compliance and control

Whitepaper: Salesforce Cloud Governance : Innovating at the Pace of Business

by BluewolfJul 01, 2014

IT Governance is a framework designed to ensure that technology investments generate business value and mitigate risks. The problem with governance in the on-premise world is that it typically drives a wedge between the two departments it is designed to serve. The business gets frustrated with IT's slow moving progress, and IT feels alienated when the business sees them as a barrier to progress.

Enter Cloud Governance, a legacy strategy that comes of age in the agile era. Cloud technologies enable a faster pace of innovation. Where traditional governance has focused on provisioning and security under strict control, cloud governance focuses on a framework for decision making and high quality, fast execution. Unlike traditional governance, Cloud Governance operates at the pace of business to prioritize ongoing innovations that drive customer engagement and value.

Download the Whitepaper to learn how companies such as Standard Insurance are aligning IT and business, ensuring self-sufficiency and quality, mitigating risk, and rapidly innovating by embracing cloud governance.

Whitepaper: The State of Salesforce Annual Review

by BluewolfJul 01, 2014

90% say Salesforce is more valuable to their companies today than it was one year ago. But what are the best companies doing?

Based on data collected from hundreds of customers and analyzed in collaboration with MIT Sloan, this report cuts through the hype, exposes budget and product trends, and proposes the biggest opportunities for customers.

Key findings:
?•90% say Salesforce is more valuable to their company today than it was a year ago
?•73% are reallocating funds from on-premises budgets to cloud related initiatives
?•84% believe customer engagement will overtake productivity as the primary driver of growth
?•60% are increasing budgets dedicated to custom app development on the Salesforce Platform

The clearest trend that has emerged, companies are using Salesforce for more than just CRM-instead they have embraced it as an enterprise-wide platform to unite sales, service, marketing, and the back office.

Download the complete 28 page report, to learn how to best approach your Salesforce goals, discover the latest Salesforce trends, and read several success stories.