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Whitepaper: What Mutating Spyware Reveals About the Future of Security

by ComputerworldJan 01, 2008

Spyware is literally evolving - mutating in the wild to avoid detection. This is an ominous trend, and it’s getting worse: Cases of mutating spyware have more than doubled since the start of the year. Impressive though it may sound, a polymorphic threat simply has multiple strains or chooses its name or location at install time, normally from a preset list. Most ""mutating"" malware in recent years has used these primitive techniques, which even basic signature-based solutions could handle with simple heuristics. This white paper reveals the threat to the security of enterprise.

Whitepaper: The Frenetic Pace of Wireless

by ComputerworldJan 01, 2008

Managing wireless technologies - and users - can be a challenge. Mobile devices can pose security risks to the confidential data if it’s not encrypted. They can introduce undesired network traffic if users are downloading video clips for their cell phones. Or they can add to storage requirements if they upload pictures from their cell phones and e-mail them to colleagues. What’s an IT manager to do? The debate now is about identifying the most useful ways of managing the proliferation of wireless devices and applications, and the people who use them.