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Providing the best security for modern threats at the lowest total cost of ownership. Websense, Inc. is a global leader in protecting organizations from advanced cyberattacks and data theft. Websense TRITON comprehensive security solutions unify web security, email security, mobile security and data loss prevention (DLP) at the lowest total cost of ownership. Tens of thousands of enterprises rely on Websense TRITON security intelligence to stop advanced persistent threats, targeted attacks and evolving malware. Websense prevents data breaches, intellectual property theft and enforces security compliance and best practices. A global network of channel partners distributes scalable, unified appliance- and cloud-based Websense TRITON solutions.

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Research Report: The 2015 Threat Report

by Websense, Inc.Apr 08, 2015

Advice in this report ranges from the tactical to the strategic. These security recommendations will provide actionable information and guidance, while taking into account the need for organizations to grow and innovate at the same time.

For executives, this report will identify key security threat trends. For IT security personnel, it will help identify the appropriate adjustments to their processes, policies and security tools needed to mitigate the risks that this year's cyber

Whitepaper: Can Your Organization Brave the New World of Advanced Cyber Attacks?

by Websense, Inc.Jan 01, 2015

Protect your critical data from criminal intent outside your organization, as well as from insiders that may put your information assets at risk. Many security solutions are overly dependent on 'technology' alone. A critical weak link has always been the end user. Whether by accident or malicious intent, companies need to protect themselves from employees who will inevitably make profound errors of judgment. They need a solution that provides real-time feedback to educate and motivate

Whitepaper: The 2015 Security Predictions Reports

by Websense, Inc.Nov 17, 2014

Old code, running at the core of mission critical systems, has proven to be a major opportunity for cyber-attacks to bypass defenses... and we expect more to come. Download the Security Predictions Report and see what you need to do to prepare for them. Here's a preview of the eight 2015 predictions:

• New vulnerabilities in the vein of OpenSSL Heartbleed and Shellshock will emerge from decades old source code
• Massively polymorphic Domain Generation Algorithms and

Research Report: 2014 Ponemon Report

by Websense, Inc.Jun 01, 2014

Researchers surveyed 4,880 experienced IT security pros from 15 countries and found:

• A deficit in security solution effectiveness.
• A disconnect between company executives and perceived value of data loss.
• Limited visibility into cybercriminal activity.

After exposing the cracks in cybersecurity defenses for organizations, the report offers recommendations for companies wanting to better manage and prevent cyber-attacks targeting their sensitive

Research Report: Websense 2014 Threat Report

by Websense, Inc.Mar 01, 2014

To better understand how an attacker translates motivations into methods, one must understand the apparatus that they create in order to launch and re-launch their campaigns. To this end, the "kill chain" is a useful model. The kill chain can be segmented into seven discernible stages to help organizations determine the most effective defense strategies. Download to learn more.

Research Report: Using Anomalies in Crash Reports to Detect Unknown Threats

by Websense, Inc.Jan 01, 2014

One of the biggest challenges organizations face when protecting their intellectual property and other sensitive data is detecting, inspecting, and stopping attacks that are capable of bypassing their cyber defenses. Even the most advanced cyber-attacks will create anomalies in network and application telemetry that can be used to detect their existence. This white paper shows how such anomalies in application crash reports (specifically, those generated by Windows error reporting) can be used

Whitepaper: The Seven Stages of Advance Threats

by Websense, Inc.Oct 16, 2013

Today's advanced threats occur in "kill chains" of up to seven stages. These attacks easily evade traditional filtering and anti-virus defenses to steal your organizationís valuable data.

Advanced threats can be stopped at any stage - if you deploy the proper cybersecurity solutions.

We've prepared a report to help you understand this advanced threat kill chain. You'll learn about each stage and how cybercriminals use them in their attacks. And you'll know what defenses to

Research Report: Fast Responses to Security Incidents: Threat Monitoring Whitepaper

by Websense, Inc.Jan 01, 2013

As threats evolve and the effectiveness of signature-based web security declines, IT departments need to play a bigger, more hands-on role in web security than ever before. To combat today's cybercriminals, IT managers need to gain insight into advanced threats and improve their responsiveness to the threats that most current defenses are missing. They need a tool that can provide visibility into infected systems, blended attacks, call-home communications, data exfiltration and other advanced