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Whitepaper: Buyer Beware: Tips for Getting the Best Agreement From Hosted Application Vendors

by EntelliumJan 01, 2008

While a majority of the terms and conditions in hosted CRM service agreements are boilerplate, some stipulations may end up restricting the ability to access one’s own company data, secure reimbursement in the event of service interruption, ensure adequate data back-up, or skirt hidden charges. To help the organizations see through the tedious legalese and technical jargon that permeates the typical service agreement, this paper presents four key areas to ask the prospective hosted providers about before signing a long-term contract.

Whitepaper: Cutting the Risk From CRM Purchase and Deployment

by EntelliumJan 01, 2008

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications have finally evolved from a risky 18-month IT project into an essential productivity tool that any size business can easily purchase and deploy. Instead of paying for software and annual maintenance contracts, many mid-market companies have chosen to rollout a ""hosted"" solution, whereby the CRM software is accessed over the internet. Dramatic improvements in value and user-friendliness have fueled this adoption as well as the fact that powerful CRM can now cost less than monthly cell phone service.