Jacada (NASDAQ: JCDA) is a leading provider of unified desktop and process optimization software solutions for the customer service and support market. Our products and services are focused on two of the most important issues facing companies in today's uncertain marketplace customer retention and cost reduction. Jacada projects often deploy in less than six months, and our customers can realize a complete return on investment within 12 months of deployment. Jacada unified service desktop solutions simplify and automate customer service processes bridging disconnected systems into a single, intelligent workspace, without requiring modification or replacement of existing systems. Contact centers worldwide are using award-winning Jacada unified desktop solutions to automate complex processes, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduce operational costs, and enforce and monitor compliance with regulatory policies and procedures. Our solutions empower customer services operations to "deliver the perfect interaction."

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Whitepaper: Insurance Providers: Improving Customer Retention through the Contact Center

by JacadaJan 27, 2012

Customer experience is a big deal for the insurance industry, and doing it right has never been more critical than now. In fact, Nationwide Insurance found that a 1% increase in customer retention increased annual premiums by $1 million. In order to master providing a consistent ? and consistently positive ? customer experience, insurance companies must rebuild their contact center operations around the customer. The problem? Desktop complexity in the insurance contact center, which is

Whitepaper: Enabling the Next Generation Contact Center

by JacadaJan 13, 2012

This paper talks about Enabling the Next Generation Contact Center. Single-channel call centers have evolved into complex, multi-channel ""next generation"" contact centers that must handle more than calls. When today’s busy consumers and commercial buyers need customer service, they want several options for getting a fast, reliable response. The successful next-generation contact centers will be those whose strategies are driven by customer preferences and needs instead of ""numbers only""

Whitepaper: Complex Call Center Desktops Freeze Corporate Profits

by JacadaJan 12, 2012

Call centers share common goals regarding their agents: reduce turnover, lower agent costs, make training more effective, less costly and more relevant. While the focus is on improving customer satisfaction, action must be taken on the agent desktop environment if gains are to be made in improving customer retention and loyalty. It is highly significant that call center managers are virtually unanimous in one opinion. If a contact center provides more effective agent satisfaction it will lead to

Whitepaper: Customer Retention Strategies in Action: A Communications Industry Report

by JacadaJan 12, 2012

As competitive pressures within the communications market continue to intensify, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are forced to devote more resources to defending their customer base against poaching. Given the increasing number of players in the market (traditional telecom, cable, broadband phone providers) and the increasing number of options (wireless, fixed PSTN, VoIP), CSPs are being forced to devote more resources to their customer retention strategies. As a result, increased focus