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Whitepaper: Taking Stock of Your IT Career and Bringing It to the Next Level in 2004

by Network WorldJan 01, 2008

This paper from Global Knowledge focuses on the network IT professional’s career - what continues to make it a good versus bad career choice and how one can prepare yourself for a life-long rewarding career as a network IT professional. With 2003 salaries for network executives averaging $113,140 nationwide - and increases for all network titles outpacing the rate of inflation - the network profession remains an excellent career choice.

Whitepaper: It Pays to Certify

by Network WorldJan 01, 2008

Network administrators are finding that investing in learning specialized job skills - and validating those skills by passing certification tests - can lead to career advancement even when the economic outlook for hiring is bleak. Getting job skills certifications that are in demand, such as the CISSP, clearly pays off in benefits and better job security, according to Foote Partners, which analyzes IT employment and compensation trends.