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Whitepaper: The Contact Centre: A Catalyst for Delivering a High Standard of Customer Care in Government Services

by Mitel NetworksJan 01, 2008

Improved customer service is at the forefront of the agenda of Local Authorities today. This is a reflection of the government’s policy to modernize public services through implementing e-government. The bottom line is to improve access to services by offering multiple channels of service delivery to the public. Contact Centres are the natural choice for local and central governments as they offer the best means to address the issue of connecting a citizen to the right person and the right

Whitepaper: Networked Business Solutions: The Future Is Here

by Mitel NetworksJan 01, 2008

Networked Business Solutions is a broad term. This white paper narrows it down to four quadrants as well as the services, fulfillment and partnerships that literally round them out. This division also reflects different communications needs and different convergence timelines. For example, a small business may be just starting out so they would focus on the infrastructure. This paper looks at each area in turn, but the need to ?Get it right? at the infrastructure stage is covered in additional