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Whitepaper: Virtual City Portal - A Multi-Network Personal Information System for Automobile Users

by Technischen Universitat MunchenJan 01, 2008

The success of upcoming generations of mobile communication systems will largely depend on the migration of existing, heterogeneous wireless access technologies. This is especially true for the vehicular environment, which is characterized by high mobility and a demand for advanced communication services. This research paper describes the Virtual City Portal prototype that is developed within the SOFTNET project. The system allows automobile users to request information or communication services using different wireless access systems.

Whitepaper: Mobile Information Access

by Technischen Universitat MunchenJan 01, 2008

This paper deals with mobile software, its development and usage. In the beginning a tourist’s vision is introduced. The following parts examine the current state of technology to realize this vision and expose parts which still have to be developed. Mobile devices lets one use modern technology wherever and in any situation they want. To accomplish this a lot of technology has to be provided. This technology can be divided in hard- and software but another distinction is possible: Let’s think of service-providers and -users.

Whitepaper: Domain Independent Generation and Management of User Queries in Semantic Web Environments

by Technischen Universitat MunchenJan 01, 2008

This research paper from Technischen Universitat Munchen introduces a system that provides semi-automatic search functionality independently from the given application domain. It has determined two main goals for such a system: Providing functionality for the generation of search applications and providing the concrete search functionality itself - both under consideration of the non-functional requirements adaptability as well as extensibility.