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Whitepaper: 4 Keys to Building a Successful, Scalable Mobile App Strategy

by AppceleratorJul 18, 2012

Companies now have a window of opportunity to think about how mobile can empower their business as radically as the web did. By making mobile a part of their overall IT strategy, companies can transform their relationships with their customers, employees, and partners in even greater ways than they did with the web.

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Whitepaper: 4 Steps to Driving Customer Loyalty Through Mobile Apps

by AppceleratorJul 18, 2012

With over 700,000 apps in the collective app stores and mobile devices now out-shipping PCs, it has never been more important to understand how to deliver a world-class mobile experience. At the center of this conversation lies the key question:

How can mobile transform the relationship between my business and my customers?

Mobile offers a different engagement model than the Web. It is therefore helpful to consider a framework that provides a step-by-step process for