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Demo: Test-Drive a Web Filter: Win a Hot Music Video Game Bundle

by St. Bernard SoftwareFeb 19, 2010

Are your users continually breaking your Web usage policies? Are you still getting slammed with malware, phishing and other Web-borne attacks?

A new wave of threats has hit the Web in recent months. Is your Web filtering technology keeping up?

There is a new, next-generation tool that offers a better way to mitigate Web threats and improve employee productivity.

To see it, register for a free preview of this new technology, and enter for a chance to win a hot music video game bundle.

The preview will show you how you can easily:
• Reduce infection by the latest Web-borne attacks, including phishing, spyware, Trojans, and other malware

• Enforce Internet policy and compliance requirements, even when employees try to circumvent them

• Manage Web content access using a single appliance, even when your end users are on multiple hardware/OS platforms

Everyone who previews this next-generation tool will be registered in a drawing to win one of the industry�s hottest music video game bundles!

Don�t wait! Register today!

Read Giveaway rules and regulations.

No purchase necessary. For a free chance to win, send a self addressed, stamped envelope to St. Bernard Software, Be a Security Hero, 15015 Avenue of Science, San Diego, CA 92128. Limit 1 request per business, Corporate Account and/or any Branch locations affiliated with that Corporate Account.

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Whitepaper: 6 Important Steps to Evaluating a Web Filter

by St. Bernard SoftwareNov 18, 2009

Determining the best Web filter for your organization can be difficult with so many choices on the market. IT Professionals know that there�s more to choosing a solution than looking at a few features and comparing prices. Other considerations may be just as important but you may not be aware of their significance. This informative guide discusses the critical considerations you need to make before you decide, and also, how thoroughly analyzing your options can lead to the best long-term outcome. This paper takes you through a series of six steps, answering critical questions that can help you get the best return on your Web security investment.

You will learn:
- Why understanding your organization's Internet Policy is important and why you need to identify groups and their specific requirements in advance
- How determining who the stakeholders are and what roles they should have is critical to choosing the most cost-effective solution
- The importance of determining where in your network you should deploy a Web filter and the impact on your overall network performance
- Why having the right authentication protocol can help conserve your valuable IT resources
- How to correctly evaluate a solution, and why work flow and authentication methods should be priority issues in making a decision
- How workflow within your IT department can impact TCO and how to choose a Web filter that minimizes negative impact on your organization�s workflow

Whitepaper: Filtering the Spectrum of Internet Threats: Defending Against Inappropriate Content, Spyware, IM, and P2P at the Perimeter

by St. Bernard SoftwareJan 01, 2008

Attackers continue to evolve clever methods for reaching victims, such as sending crafty Web links through Instant Messaging (IM) clients or email, or by simply linking to other Web sites that one employees might surf. This white paper examines the threats of allowing unwanted or offensive content into the network and describes the technologies and methodologies to combat these types of threats. Specifically, this paper looks at how one can leverage the features of the St. Bernard Software iPrism dedicated Internet filtering appliance to reduce exposure to these risks and improve the overall security of network.

Whitepaper: The Powerful Technologies Behind Best-of-Breed Internet Filtering

by St. Bernard SoftwareJan 01, 2008

This paper published by St. Bernard Software states that in order to effectively manage and secure organization from the internal and external threats associated with Internet access, one needs a solution to filter traffic that knows precisely what’s being sent. This paper is written for system administrators and IT professionals that outline the available filtering and classification technologies that can be deployed to secure Internet access.